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man using tablet to bet on sports

The Dangers of Futures Betting

If you have a favorite sports team, you’ve likely imagined what it would be like if they won a championship or if your all-time favorite player became the Most Valuable Player. Perhaps you considered betting on the odds that these events will actually occur. These types of wagers would be considered futures bets. It can […]

Casino Revenue Is at an All-Time High: What Does It Mean?

It seems that the gambling industry and the economy are on contrasting paths. As the world suffers from the effects of inflation and the remnants of coronavirus, states with commercial casinos have reported all-time highs in the gambling revenue department. While on its surface, this is great for the gambling industry — especially after 2021’s […]

hand inserting bill into slot machine

Why Are Slot Machines So Attractive?

When people think about casinos, they often conjure images of men and women of varying ages and ethnicities sitting in front of slot machines with their eyes glued to the screen and their hands poised to hit the button. Perhaps, they even feel the rush of anticipation and excitement that comes with a possible win […]

depressed man with head in hand

7 Ways to Cope With Your Gambling Depression

Have you found that it’s become increasingly hard to get up in the morning, be motivated to do anything, or care about the consequences of your actions? These could be just a few signs you are suffering from depression due to your gambling problem. These feelings could also be why you started gambling in the […]

people in support group

Road to Recovery — How to Come Back from a Gambling Problem

When people experience complications from problem gambling, finding the road to recovery can prove difficult. They first have to admit there is a problem and that they need help, which can feel like a sizable mountain to climb for most problem gamblers. Once they get on the road to recovery, staying on it becomes a […]

parents talking to child with handheld game

How to Talk to Your Children About Gambling

For many parents, the idea of discussing gambling behaviors with their children has not even crossed their minds. Unfortunately, this leaves teenagers and kids vulnerable to developing a gambling disorder as they get older because they were never taught how to have a healthy relationship with gambling.

man sitting in front of laptop at poker table holding stack of cash

What Are the Main Types of Illegal Gambling?

While gambling was once illegal in many corners of the United States, it has since been legalized throughout numerous parts of the country. However, not every form of gambling is deemed acceptable. What is considered illegal gambling varies greatly by a state’s local laws, which are subjected to change over time, meaning there are many […]

silhouette of fans at baseball stadium

Has Sports Betting Changed the Way We Watch Baseball?

Legalized sports betting has transitioned into a giant industry that has shown zero signs of slowing down. Major sports leagues have slowly transitioned into mixing sports gambling into their leagues, and Major League Baseball is no exception. While sports betting has led to an increase in revenue, its effect on the fan experience while watching […]

person sitting in front of screen with card game displaying

Will Online Gamblers Start to Migrate to Casinos Post-Pandemic?

With casinos across the world shutting down en masse during March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the world of commercial gambling centers. Numerous studies found that their closure resulted in a decrease in gambling frequency, but in exchange, the online gambling scene surged during the lockdown, especially amongst younger betters. 

Is Problem Gambling Linked to Active Duty Military Personnel?

Life in the military is not only physically demanding but also mentally draining. Active duty military personnel experience long hours of training and harsh work conditions, and then they have several hours of downtime with very few options for entertaining themselves. It’s not surprising then that gambling is a popular pastime for soldiers.

horse race

The Kentucky Derby and the Rise of Horse Betting

Since the first run on May 17, 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been one of the most popular sporting events in America. Triple Crown winners like American Pharoah and Secretariat have become household names. And now, the Derby is known for having the highest attendance, television ratings, and bets of any race in the U.S.

binge eating disorder

Binge Eating and Problem Gambling: Does One Feed the Other?

Researchers are increasingly interested in the question of whether there is a link between problem gambling and binge eating. If someone struggles with a gambling problem, will they develop a binge eating disorder? And could someone with an eating disorder be more likely to delve into a life of problematic gambling? These are undoubtedly tough […]

two silhouettes overlapping against blue background

Problem Gambling and Bipolar Disorder: Is There a Connection?

Gambling is all about risk and reward. But what if a specific condition made you more likely to risk it all? Much like the connection between problem gambling and depression, connections between bipolar disorder and problem gambling exist — and they can be powerful. Read on to learn about connections between bipolar disorder and problem […]

Gambling and Drinking: A Long and Troubled History

Alcohol Awareness Month, which falls in April, comes on the heels of March’s Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The sequence may be coincidental, but given the longstanding ties between the two, it certainly is apt. The link between disordered gambling and alcohol misuse is well-established; wherever there is one, the other is often close by. Their […]

man in coat and fingerless gloves holding hands together for warmth

The Link Between Gambling and Homelessness

At first blush, it seems obvious why there’s a connection between gambling and homelessness, but people shouldn’t be so quick to jump to a conclusion. When you dive deep into the research, you see why there’s a higher prevalence of problem gambling among the homeless population versus the general public. However, financial crises are not […]

Gambling Puts Golden Years at Risk

Seniors, having worked their entire lives and raised families, look forward to settling into their golden years. For an increasing number of the elderly, that period of rewards for a life well-lived is being compromised. This threat stems from the increasing role gambling in their lives. For people on a fixed income, losing a significant […]

person emptying pills out of bottle

Can Certain Medications Make Problem Gambling Worse?

Each prescribed drug comes with a list of potential side effects a patient could experience while on the medication. Over the years, research has been emerging showing a connection between specific medications and problem gambling behavior. For example, a great deal of data from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicates that common drugs treating […]

woman jogging outside

Can Exercise Aid Problem Gambling Recovery?

Problem gambling recovery can be a tough road to walk, especially with gambling apps and websites right at your fingertips and a whirlwind of emotions ravaging your body. Instead of reverting to old behaviors to find relief, consider engaging in physical activities like running or yoga.

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