Cognitive Perspective Restructuring Program

The Cognitive Perspective Restructuring Program (CPR) was created to reduce the risk of addiction, violent acts, and other risky behaviors for youth ages 8-18.  The CPR Program is a prevention initiative that educates participants in methods to help them develop character, personal habits, and traits to safeguard their future and establish a positive foundation for a purposeful life. The program is also designed to help parents, educators, and community stakeholders enhance protective factors and reverse or reduce risk factors which lead to self-destructive behaviors in our youth.

The CPR program is based on the following four (4) elements:

  1. Know oneself
  2. Develop a life plan
  3. Buy into one’s life plan
  4. Complete at least one objective every

          24 hours to help advance one’s life plan.

To understand oneself (and others), an individual must first be able to understand what is occurring in her/his own mind. This recognition will allow participants to develop empathy, the foundation of self-awareness. Self-awareness helps CPR Program participants make the connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and to become aware that certain thoughts can trigger negative behaviors, leading to negative long-term consequences.

The CPR program is presented in 10 sessions either as an after-school program or as part of a school’s daily curriculum.  It is designed to educate participants in methods they may utilize to circumvent the onset of an addiction or involvement in other risky behaviors.  Participants shall be instructed in the following areas:

  • Finding Oneself
  • Personality
  • Passion
  • Habit Barriers
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing a Life Plan
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Mind Games
  • Concept of Time

Self-destructive behaviors, violence, and addiction are family/social issues that can affect young people as well as their classmates, teachers, and the school which they attend.  These harmful behaviors breed dysfunctionality within the family and disrupt the very fabric of society.

Youth violence and addiction are costly to our communities due to the victims they produce, related property damage, and the long-term costs of substance abuse including lifelong problems and untimely deaths. The CPR program equips young people with self-knowledge and tools to make positive choices to propel them toward a bright future.

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“The Council on Compulsive Gambling (of New Jersey’s) CPR Program has been a standard of excellence and has had a significant impact on the lives of my students by supplying them with educational resources and comprehensive preventative measures.”                       Sprout University Headmaster Danielle Miller-Winrow

The Cognitive Perspective Restructuring Program has been extremely successful with our youth and families. Families have seen many positive changes with their children since engaging in the CPR Program. This program has not only taught the youth but has also taught the caregivers to listen more and has built a stronger foundation in the family’s home.

The instructors are a wealth of knowledge, and we are lucky to have them at our FSO teaching the students. This program is designed to assist with self-development, breaking barriers and how to obtain your goals and be successful.”         

Family Support Organization of Burlington County Diversionary Specialist Mary Flanagan


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