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Managing Expectations During Treatment for a Gambling Problem

Treatment for problem gambling is only as effective as you want it to be. Two of the most important things to remember during the treatment process are managing your expectations and being patient with yourself. Whether you’ve just drafted your first recovery plan or have been trying to quit problem gambling for years, here’s some […]

The Role of Financial Counseling for Problem Gamblers

Problem gambling can seriously impact your financial situation, especially if you’re spending beyond your means. Many problem gamblers end up running up large credit card bills, draining their savings accounts, or dipping into their retirement funds or other “off-limits” accounts. Even the luckiest gamblers can often just barely get the bills paid, with no money […]

How Teachers Can Aid Students in Mental Health Problems That Lead to Gambling

Teachers have one of the more unique relationships with their students. Spending hours with children often shows a lot about their personalities, habits, and behaviors, which is almost always a good thing. But occasionally, teachers are exposed to students who display signs of mental health conditions that could eventually lead to problem gambling and other […]

How Does Shame Impact Recovering Problem Gamblers?

Problem gamblers have complex emotions that they need to navigate on their road to recovery. As a result, the recovery process is often challenging, with unforeseen hurdles impeding their progress. Throughout their journey, feelings of guilt and shame can complicate their efforts and lead to a wide range of negative impacts, including potential relapses. 

How to Safety Travel as a Recovering Problem Gambler

Traveling is one of the many enjoyable parts of life, but many wonder if problem gambling recovery throws a wrench in that process. Thankfully, there are ways for people to ensure that their travel destinations don’t conflict with their desires to distance themselves from gambling. Incorporating some of these tips and tricks can help people […]

Understanding the Relation Between Gambling and Suicide

For years, researchers have studied the relationship between gambling and suicide, including suicidal ideation and self-harm. Previous studies have already shown a positive correlation between attempts of suicide, suicide, and self-harm among those who are problem gamblers. Yet, more work is still needed to fully understand the dynamic association between gambling and suicide.

The Future of Gambling in 2023 (& Beyond)

The gambling industry is already a 50+ billion dollar market in the United States, and 2023 will only drive profits higher, according to many experts on the subject. Here’s what industry insiders and financial analysts expect to see in 2023 — and how these changes might affect those with gambling problems.

Can Gambling Site Blockers Help With a Gambling Problem?

When it comes to gambling in the 21st century, it often feels easier than ever to fall into bad habits. With phones, tablets, and laptops providing people with nearly unlimited access to a wide range of online casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling sites, it can feel almost impossible to escape its grasp without going entirely […]

Can Diet Bets Lead to Potential Problem Gambling?

The holiday season often brings a desire to change and make positive changes in your lives. Many people flock to making new year’s resolutions, setting goals for themselves, and trying to see what they can do moving forward to live their best life. Some people might be looking to lose a few pounds in the […]

The Rise of Gambling on Major eSports Events

While betting on sporting competitions has been happening for years, a new challenger in the realm of gambling has emerged — eSports. As defined by the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, eSports are video games played competitively for others to spectate as entertainment. The practice has been a winning combination in recent times, bringing together the popularity […]

Tactics Casinos Use to Keep You Gambling

Gambling machines and casino games aren’t the only things designed to be as alluring as possible — casinos keep you gambling for long periods of time by employing a wide array of psychological and mental tactics. But how do casinos keep people gambling when they know they’ve already spent a lot of cash? Here’s an […]

The Connections Between Boxing and Problem Gambling

When you think about the most well-known sports to bet on, horse racing and football likely come to mind. However, boxing and gambling are also incredibly popular. While football is among one of the most popular betting sports, boxing pay-per-view figures and gambling communities have been growing. There are numerous reasons why betters love this […]

How Do Gambling Advertisements Impact Problem Gamblers?

It’s impossible to use your phone or computer these days without seeing at least a handful of advertisements fighting for your attention, time, and money. Because online advertising is a multi-trillion dollar industry, ads have become a regular part of life for most people who spend time online. But what if advertisements could tempt you […]

Problem Gambling & the LGBTQ+ Community: The Connections

There’s no doubt that problem gambling can affect people of all genders, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, and walks of life. However, not all problem gamblers share the same risk factors. For instance, research shows that men who gamble have different tendencies than women who do, lower-income people are more likely to purchase lottery […]

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