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What Effect Does Social Media Have on Problem Gamblers

As social media has seeped into every aspect of our daily lives, its far-reaching effects have continued to be felt far and wide. Apps, networks, influencers, and algorithms determine and curate the type of content that reaches your feed. If you follow and interact with a specific style of content, your feed will reflect that […]

How Can Gambling Impact Your Relationships?

Growing and maintaining relationships with our loved ones is an inherently difficult job. There are multiple factors that you need to take into account, feelings you have to consider, and how your decisions can affect that particular relationship. Navigating these potential pitfalls can become equally rewarding and frustrating, representing some of the best and most […]

How Is Gambling Represented in Pop Culture?

For generations, pop culture has influenced public perception of a wide range of behaviors and activities. Everything from books, TV shows, movies, and podcasts can alter the perception of how something is viewed for better or worse. We have seen things like comic books, fantasy stories, drug use, marijuana, and more see their public perception […]

How to Prevent Gambling Relapse

Just because someone hasn’t succumbed to the urge for gambling for a long time does not mean they’re immune to relapsing. A gambling relapse can be an awful experience emotionally as well as another roadblock on the road to overcoming problematic behaviors. Thankfully, there are several tips and tricks you can learn to avoid relapsing […]

How Your Personality Affects Your Predisposition to Gambling

There are many external factors that can lead to a person developing destructive problem gambling behaviors. However, rather than through a mental health disorder or exposure through friends and family, personality may be an indicator of whether or not one will become a gambler. To learn more, here’s a look at how your personality affects […]

The Dangers of Professional Gambling

Have you ever dreamt about a career as a professional poker player, blackjack expert, or roulette wheel spinner? The prospects of big winnings, freedom to travel, and life in the spotlight attract many people to professional gambling careers. Unfortunately, being a professional gambler isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, people who choose to […]

What Is Courtsiding & Does It Pose a Threat to Your Gambling Problem?

Whether or not you frequent live sporting events, if you’re a tennis or basketball fan, chances are that you’ve heard the term “courtsiding” in the news recently. This practice has been significantly increasing in popularity at professional tennis and basketball events, causing chaos in the world of sports betting. Some countries have banned it altogether, […]

How Does Problem Gambling Affect Physical Health?

When people think of substance or alcohol abuse, they often think of the physical ramifications these behaviors have on people. A host of bodily changes happen that negatively affect how they interact with the world around them in concert with their behavioral ones. When those same people think of problem gambling, they may only focus […]

Can Adderall Cause Gambling Disorders?

Stimulant misuse is responsible for many issues, especially more commonly known drugs like Adderall. This use is extremely common on college campuses and with young adults more prone to risky behaviors. While both problem gambling and stimulant use have negative effects and are closely related in terms of their usage demographics, the relationship between Adderall […]

Can Video Games Be an Alternative to Gambling?

As you may well be aware, problem gambling is a serious issue affecting many people throughout the United States and around the globe. While betting on horses or pulling slots may be fun at first, it can eventually take its toll on those who develop problematic behavior. Compulsive gambling practices can encourage players to give […]

Has COVID Permanently Changed the Landscape of Gambling?

Problematic gambling behaviors have been the source of financial and personal problems for many years. However, changes brought about by an international crisis might leave a lasting impact on the gambling industry — the Covid-19 pandemic. While gambling centers around the world have gone through major changes in response to the virus, there’s a possibility […]

Could Betting on the World Cup Upend Your World?

As the most popular sport in the world, soccer brings hundreds of millions of eyes to the global competition stage every four years. With 64 of the world’s top teams coming together and competing against each other, more people have become interested and involved with the sport than ever before. With this explosion in interest […]

Are Carnival Games an Early Exposure to Gambling?

For generations, county fairs and carnivals have been a major part of the American experience. People flock to the rides, attractions, and food for an afternoon of family fun and excitement. When you’re walking through the carnival grounds, you’ll quickly come upon various carnival games to keep you engaged and entertained. With a reputation for […]

Can Empty Nest Syndrome Lead to a Gambling Problem?

There’s no secret that gambling problems can result from various underlying reasons. Problem gambling might take decades to show its face, or simply result from one significant issue that affects an individual mentally, emotionally, or physically. Believe it or not, empty nest syndrome can play a leading role in the occurrence of a gambling problem, […]

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