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Problem Gambling: How It Affects the Entire Family

As someone develops a gambling problem, a plethora of financial, emotional, and mental difficulties can rise to the surface on an individual level. For those who do not seek support, the collective toll can be so severe that it permeates to just about every facet of their life — leaving the affected feeling hopeless, distraught, […]

woman meditating

Can Meditation Help Aid Gambling Recovery?

Meditation is a technique that many people incorporate into their daily lives to help them cope with stress. Its increasing popularity is likely not only a result of its effectiveness, but also that it is a drug-free therapy anyone can perform without any special equipment. Today, we examine whether meditation and mindfulness practices can be […]

sad woman with hand on her head

Gambling Withdrawal: How Do You Cope With It?

We typically associate withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental, with disordered substance use. In these instances, your body becomes accustomed to the presence of a particular chemical, adapts to it, and eventually depends on it. At this point, you need the substance to feel normal, and when you try to go cold turkey or even […]

July is Minority Mental Health Month

July is Minority Mental Health Month which serves as an opportunity to highlight the fact that gambling is highly associated with mental health and the high prevalence of gambling problems in ethnic minority groups. Gambling and gambling related problems are common among all racial and ethnic groups in the United States, however research suggests that […]

Interactivity, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, and Smartwatches: Are They the Future of Gambling?

There’s no denying that the year 2020 has brought tumultuous news, trends, and patterns to the national gambling industry. From the closing of just about every casino nationwide to the insurgence of online gambling ventures and the burgeoning virtual gaming community, it seems like nothing is certain and that the gambling sector is continually evolving […]

older citizen holding playing cards

Are Seniors at Risk for Problem Gambling?

In recognition of World Senior Citizens’ Day on August 21st, it’s imperative to not only celebrate older individuals’ lives, but also to recognize the unique issues they may be facing. Problem gambling among seniors is undoubtedly on the rise — most have ample time and money at their disposal, and the influx of casinos all […]

Expectations vs. Reality: The Portrayal of Gambling in the Media

Young individuals are currently growing up in a culture where gambling is not only legal, but easily accessible and widely supported as well. While minors are largely restricted from regulated gambling, the perception of gambling as a harmless entertainment activity is a gross understatement. Gambling is portrayed in the media often in inaccurate, hyperbolic fashions […]

Can Hypnosis Help Treat Gambling Problems?

Gambling problems can undoubtedly be crippling; often taking a financial and relational toll on those affected. If you or someone you know has developed a gambling problem, 800-GAMBLER understands how little self-control is felt. At times, it can feel like there’s no way out, aside from self-rationalizing or white-knuckling gambling abstinence. However, willpower may prove […]

Which Populations Are Most Vulnerable to Gambling Problems?

It’s no secret that gambling problems are not bound by race, sex, creed, or other qualifiers. Since it is often linked to behavioral conditions and individual circumstances, this issue burrows itself in all different groups of people. However, there do exist certain populations that are considered more at risk of developing gambling problems. These include […]

The Lure of Athletes & Gambling: Why Do Athletes Bet on Their Own Sports?

Whether it be by nature, nurture, or a bit of both, it’s no secret that athletes are competitive. As such, their drive during the game doesn’t necessarily stay in bounds — but instead bleeds into their financial assets, personal lives, and overall behavior. It comes as no surprise that some professional athletes and other prominent […]

In the Time of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, Mental Health Has Never Mattered More

May Is Mental Health Month Hamilton, NJ- The coronavirus pandemic is exacting a significant toll on everyone from the physical symptoms, anxiety about the risk of contracting the virus, worry about loved ones, job-related stress (in some cases, reduced hours or job loss) and social isolation. In addition to May being Mental Health Month, this […]

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