Can Financial Education Reduce the Likelihood of Problem Gambling?

In a world where money often seems to make the world go ’round, how well do we understand the financial systems that govern our lives? How much do we know about making informed and responsible financial choices? And importantly, could our understanding, or lack thereof, be contributing to the rise of problem gambling? Financial education […]

How to Be a Parent While Navigating Problem Gambling

Parenting is a journey filled with its own unique challenges and rewards. It’s a role that requires constant learning, adapting, and, above all, endless love and patience. But when you’re also navigating the trial of problem gambling, it can sometimes feel like you’re trying to cross a raging river without a paddle. 

How a Life Coach Can Help Problem Gamblers

In recent years, recovery coaching has emerged as an effective strategy for addressing problem gambling. A recovery coach acts as a personal guide, helping individuals navigate the path to a healthier lifestyle. Their role is to empower, motivate, and provide tools for change. They do not label or stigmatize, but instead focus on fostering resilience […]

Why Problem Gamblers Should Try a Tech Detox

In the United States and throughout the world, screen time has become an integral part of our daily lives. From scrolling through TikTok to playing video games, many people spend hours per day on various digital activities. However, excessive engagement with digital devices can quickly become harmful, particularly for those struggling with problem gambling.

Mindful Volunteering: Giving Back During Problem Gambling Recovery

For those on the path of recovery from problem gambling, finding a sense of purpose can feel elusive. However, there is one powerful and transformative way to rediscover your sense of purpose: volunteer work. Volunteering at places such as homeless shelters or animal shelters can be a transformative experience. It allows you to use your […]

What Are the Signs of Problem Gambling in Parents?

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to overlook subtle changes in our loved ones’ behavior. Often, we attribute these changes to stress, age, or just the ups and downs of daily living. However, when these changes are signs of a silent struggle with problem gambling, it’s important that we recognize them to […]

Mindful Traveling: Managing Triggers and Temptations for Problem Gamblers

Traveling can be a liberating experience. It broadens our horizons, exposes us to new cultures, and provides a welcome break from our daily routines. However, for those who have had issues with problem gambling, the excitement of travel can sometimes lead to unexpected challenges. One key strategy in managing these challenges is learning how to […]

Rebuilding Financial Transparency: A Guide for Problem Gamblers & Their Loved Ones

Beyond winning the big jackpot or losing it all, participating in online or in-person gambling can have another, far more impactful outcome on some individuals: the development of a gambling problem. Excessive or harmful gambling behaviors can have a long-lasting impact on your mental and physical health as well as your financial stability, so a […]

Common Myths About Gamblers and Their Habits Debunked

Gambling has been woven into cultures worldwide for centuries, offering thrills and the allure of fortune. Yet, within this realm, there are misconceptions about gamblers. These myths not only misrepresent the complexities of gambling habits but also contribute to the stigma surrounding those who may face challenges with their gambling behaviors. Let’s explore and dispel […]

Breaking the Cycle: The Generational Impact of Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is not just a personal battle; it’s a hidden but dangerous issue that often leads to devastating consequences spanning generations. When left unaddressed, a person’s gambling problem can shatter family structures, damage important relationships, and perpetuate cycles of financial instability and emotional turmoil. This article will explore the generational impacts of problem gambling, […]

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