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man on laptop gambling

How to Handle the Risk of Problem Gambling in the Workplace

As gambling has become legalized across the United States, employers need to pay attention to their employees’ behaviors and not shy away from having conversations about problem gambling. Gambling poses a risk to the workplace since it is becoming more acceptable, and employees have their smartphones on them 24/7, making online gambling easy, even at […]

tree half winter half summer

Can Gambling Behavior Vary Based on the Time of Year?

While gambling is not exclusive to certain times of the year, its popularity tends to spike during particular seasons. As the weather changes, people deal with shifts in mood, which directly influence their decision to gamble. Understanding how gambling behavior varies based on the time of year is crucial to managing a healthy lifestyle.

Is Problem Gambling Hereditary?

The origins of gambling can be traced back several centuries. Many people can enjoy betting without getting themselves into hot water. However, some people struggle with knowing when to step away, which can lead to devastating consequences in their personal, familial, financial, and professional lives.

New Acting Executive Director & Best Wishes!

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc. is announcing that Dan Trolaro will be stepping down as Assistant Executive Director to pursue another opportunity with EPIC Risk Management as Vice President of Prevention in the United States. Dan will continue in this capacity to help reduce the impact of gambling related harms through […]

red die being rolled on poker table

The Gambler’s Fallacy: An In-Depth Look

Let’s imagine you are partaking in a coin toss, and every time, the coin lands on tails and never on heads. While betting on which side it will land on next, it is customary to assume that it will be on tails, but then unexpectedly, it ends up landing on heads. This assumption that it […]

upset child with parents fighting in background

What Happens to the Child of a Problem Gambler?

Recreational gambling that evolves into problem gambling affects every aspect of the person’s life, including employment, housing, and family. Unfortunately, the spouses and children of those with gambling problems rarely remain unscathed. They often suffer serious emotional damage due to living in a household where everyday life seems to revolve around someone’s gambling activities. Following […]

A Casino Black Jack table

Unpacking Probability: Does the House Always Win?

Whether you win or lose, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy a night out at a casino. However, it’s essential to understand exactly what you’re getting into before your first spin of the roulette. When it comes to spending your money at a casino, it always pays to remember the golden rule: the […]

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