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military woman looks worried

Why Are Veterans More Likely to Develop Gambling Disorders?

According to various research studies, American military veterans have a significantly higher risk of developing gambling disorders when compared to the general population. This is a massive issue because the men and women who bravely fought for our country have enough post-duty obstacles facing them as it is. Many families throughout all of New Jersey, […]

Frequenting Gambling Establishments Is A Risk Factor for Breast Cancer

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do not neglect your health. Get Screened Today. There are many risk factors that increase the chances of breast cancer for women, working at gambling establishments has been identified as another risk factor by researchers. Researchers found a statistically significant relationship between employment at gambling establishments and breast […]

Gambling Disorders Have Grown Rampant Amongst Children: What Parents Need to Consider

Young teens can become disordered gamblers, just like adults. Parents with young children or teens should take the steps to speak to their children about the risks of underage gambling. More and more children are finding ways to participate in gambling, whether it’s online or in person. Many of these teens have turned to CCGNJ […]

Tips for Responsible Gambling

It’s Responsible Gaming Education Week, and in observance of this initiative, we’ve put together a quiz to check your awareness of problem gambling, as well as a list of tips for gaming safely and gambling responsibly at casinos in Atlantic City, NJ and beyond. First, take the quiz and test your knowledge, then read on […]

AGA Takes Steps Towards Establishing Responsible Marketing Practices in Sports Betting Industry

From Cape May to Parsippany, problem gambling and drug use are increasingly affecting young people in New Jersey communities. Many people believe that unethical marketing practices could be to blame. But on May 14, 2019, the American Gaming Association (AGA) established a new code of conduct for marketers and advertisers who promote sports wagering services.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Develop Healthy Attitudes About Gambling

As legalized sports betting spreads from Atlantic City to communities across the country and opportunities for gambling revenue expand nationwide, impressionable young people growing up in our technology-dependent world are being exposed to more messages about gambling. Whether it’s through advertising or video games that offer “loot boxes” (virtual, chance-based rewards) gambling is everywhere a […]

Debunking Myths About Gambling Problems

There are plenty of physical and mental health problems that garner plenty of attention. Problem gambling, however, is one issue that not everyone knows a lot about. Whether it takes form in gambling at Atlantic City casinos or betting on sports online, problem gambling is an issue that deserves more attention. We here at the […]

When Daily Sports Betting Becomes a Problem

Daily sports betting has rapidly gained popularity, becoming a problem for some. There is a clear distinction between those who recreationally play daily fantasy sports and those who allow it to negatively impact other aspects of their lives, including their relationships and finances. It affects those betting on sports in Freehold, NJ, as well as […]