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Our 2017 Year in Review: Part 2

In Part 1 of our 2017 Year in Review, we covered the popularity and legality of betting on sports in Atlantic City and elsewhere throughout the state, disordered gambling’s impact on public health, the appearance of Executive Director Neva Pryor as TV talk show guest, the relationship between disordered gambling and other mental health disorders, […]

How Disordered Gamblers Can Manage Stress

One look at a newspaper could tell anybody that we live in a period of great anxiety. For example, today, many Americans struggle with financial insecurity. During these times, our friends and loved ones can be our greatest allies. But even then, our relationships can also serve as sources of stress. At the Council on […]

Our 2017 Year in Review: Part 1

2017 was quite an eventful year for the Council. The medical community made great strides in their understanding of disordered gambling. At the same time, thanks to the rising popularity of illegal sports betting in Atlantic City and other forms of gambling, the rate of disordered gambling in our state of New Jersey continued to […]

Gambling Away the Winter Blues

Mood disorders like seasonal affective disorder make people more like to engage in problematic betting for sports in Atlantic City. Read more about the relationship between such mental health conditions and disordered gambling in our infographic below. If you or a loved one currently struggle with skill-based gambling in Atlantic City or any other form […]

Don’t Gamble with the Winter Blues

Quite often, disordered gamblers also struggle with other psychiatric conditions. In fact, disordered gambling has an over 96% comorbidity rate with other issues like anxiety, depression, and substance use. These conditions can feed into each other, posing a greater challenge for treatment than they would alone. One such condition, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), rises to […]

Is There a Connection Between Problem Gambling and Domestic Partner Abuse?

An individual struggling with problematic sports betting in Atlantic City has a greater probability of experiencing or inflicting domestic partner abuse. Read on to learn more about the relationship between abuse and disordered gambling: Are you or a loved one struggling with casino gambling in Atlantic City or any other form of gambling? Call our 24-7 hotline […]

Sports Betting on the Rise: What You Need to Know

People have been playing and watching sports since the days of the ancient Greeks, if not earlier. Although watching sports doesn’t require a gambling component, the two tend to go hand-in-hand. You probably know from personal experience: For example, maybe you’re in your office’s fantasy football draft. Or, if you don’t personally get excited about […]

The Role of Gratitude in Recovery

During this time of year, as we partake in holiday celebrations with friends and family, we traditionally stop to meditate on the positive aspects of our lives. Those that study religion – and, on a certain level, human history – know that we have been participating in gratitude practices for millennia. In recent years, psychologists […]

Disordered Gambling’s Relationship to Mental Health

Over the course of history, our understanding of mental health disorders has evolved greatly. Because psychological and neurological disorders are “invisible” by nature, their study and treatment present unique challenges. Thankfully, the medical field makes significant advances every day. In recent years, influential studies have indicated that many mental health disorders have a much stronger […]

Dr. Marc Potenza: Pioneer of Gambling Treatment’s New Frontier

For our 35th Annual Statewide Conference last month, we commenced the event with keynote speaker Dr. Marc Potenza. During his talk, he spoke of his research, which studies the similarities and differences between disordered substance use and problem gambling. This line of research served as a fitting introduction for our conference per its theme: “The […]

Trick, or Treat? Self-Deceptions and Revelations of Disordered Gamblers

Every October 31st, countless kids dress up as their favorite heroes and monsters to go trick-or-treating. Practically everyone can conjure fond memories of their own Halloween exploits. Often, somewhere in the process of donning a costume, a certain catharsis takes place. By imitating people and characters we idolize, we feel that we come a little […]