Tables and Tobacco: The Relationship Between Problem Gambling and Smoking

Tobacco smoking and problem gambling are often associated, and it’s not uncommon for someone who frequently lets their gambling get out of hand to also smoke daily. But how do these two issues correlate? Does one cause the other, and are those with disordered gambling and a daily smoking habit more likely to fall into trouble?

While there is still much to be discovered about the link between tobacco use and gambling, we have a few answers for you. Let’s get into the relationship between gambling and smoking.

What’s the Connection Between Problem Gambling and Smoking?

While we can definitively state there’s a link between problem gambling and smoking, there is, unfortunately, very little known about how these two issues correlate. This means we cannot say one causes the other, but there have been several studies over the years exploring the behaviors of problem gamblers who smoke versus those who do not. These studies have brought to light some interesting insights.

Various studies have reported that problem gamblers who smoke daily are more likely to have severe gambling problems than those who do not smoke daily. These people also frequently lose more money and find themselves in suffocating financial situations. Additionally, disordered gamblers who smoke tobacco also report feeling like they had less control over their gambling, contributing to their financial distress.

These studies discovered that problem gamblers who smoke are also highly likely to suffer from psychiatric complications, especially anxiety. Both gambling and smoking could be ways of coping with their inner turmoil, which would explain why many problem gamblers also smoke.

Another important consequence of problem gambling and smoking tobacco that people should note is that these problem gamblers often have greater familial and social issues. Their relationships are strained, and not only do they feel distant from their loved ones, their friends and family also feel the effects of gambling.

How Gambling and Smoking Affects Adolescents

In addition to studies about the effects of gambling and smoking on adults, there have also been investigations into the relationship between problem gambling and tobacco smoking in adolescents. Much like with adults, the results are not stellar.

Teens with high-risk gambling problems are more likely to smoke and not try quitting smoking while still young. Additionally, they often have poor grades, use drugs, and experience depression or aggression. As they get older, these problems can become worse if they are not addressed.

Fortunately, if you suspect your teen is developing a gambling problem, there are several resources available for teens with gambling disorders. Prompt treatment can mean a world of difference.

Hope for the Future

Even though their gambling issues may be considered more severe than their non-smoking counterparts, problem gamblers who smoke have just as successful rates of completing their treatment as non-smoking gamblers. A brighter future is still in their reach if they seek prompt gambling help in New Jersey.

If you want assistance with your gambling disorder, reach out to 800-GAMBLER. We can help you get started with Gambler’s Anonymous online meetings and connect you with any other service you may need. Call or text today!



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