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Is a Gambling Problem Affecting Your Family?

Frequently staying late at the office, missing family get-togethers, skipping out on activities they used to enjoy — do any of these situations sound familiar? You may have seen a situation like this recently before seeing the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Here’s how the full story plays out:

If a member of your family is spending an excessive amount of their time gambling at a casino in Atlantic City, a sportsbook in Monmouth County, or on the internet anywhere in New Jersey, it is not too far fetched to believe that they may be struggling with problem gambling. Since March is Problem Gambling Awareness month, we’d like to help shed some light on the issue for any families who may have someone struggling with disordered gambling.

In the video, we see a family that is feeling the effects of one member who is struggling with a gambling problem. Many families experience similar hardships, such as the following:


If one family member is spending too much money on gambling, it can lead to difficulty paying for the essential bills, such as housing and utilities. Eventually, it can even result in the loss of savings or property, which can be a significant burden on the entire family.


Often, family members of disordered gamblers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster. When a family member sees someone they love struggling with a gambling problem, they may find themselves feeling ashamed, hurt, angry, confused, and betrayed. While everyone processes their emotions differently, some emotional responses can hinder the recovery process and lead to family members choosing to isolate themselves from the person struggling with disordered gambling.


The stress associated with unhealthy gambling is not reserved for just problem gamblers — it can also affect their family as well. Stress is known to causes health problems such as anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, ulcers, bowel problems, headaches, and muscle pains.

What You Can Do to Help

If you’ve noticed any of these signs or felt the effects of a loved one’s gambling problem, don’t wait to act. It’s never too late to have the conversation with them and help them get the support that they need to spend less time gambling at a casino in AC, a racetrack in Freehold, or on the lottery anywhere throughout the state, and more time with the ones who care about them most.

Support, treatment, and hope is just a phone call or click away.