How Gamblers Anonymous Helps Problem Gamblers

Years, months, weeks, or days — it doesn’t matter how long you’ve suffered from a gambling disorder; The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) and Gamblers Anonymous are always here to help.

Gambling is a prevalent activity that is practiced in every state across the United States and can even be found in states where it is illegal.

Gamblers generally fall into three categories: recreational, professional, and disordered. The first two types, recreational and professional, treating gambling as a form of entertainment and have the willpower to stop when it becomes financially detrimental or dangerous.

Then, we have the third type, disordered gamblers. Disordered gamblers continue to gamble despite negative conseqences to their health, relationships, and finances, and in turn, can develop a medical condition with destructive consequences.

While problem gambling and alcohol use disorder (also known as “alcohol addition”) in Camden, NJ is a real issue, there is hope. Whether it’s one too many trips to the casino or sports gambling at the racetrack, CCGNJ can get you on the road to recovery by helping you find the closest Gamblers Anonymous meeting.

What is Gamblers Anonymous?

Established nearly six decades ago, Gamblers Anonymous is a 12-step program available to any person that wishes to put an end to their problem gambling. There are no fees or pledges required to join, as Gamblers Anonymous is a self-supporting entity. Members need to first concede to the fact that they have a problem with gambling, and then recovery may begin.

How Can Gamblers Anonymous Help Me?

Gamblers Anonymous meetings provide problem gamblers with a safe and supportive environment where members are free to share their stories without shame or judgment. Through the Gamblers Anonymous 12-step program, members can transform their lives and overcome their disordered gambling behaviors for good. (You can learn more about how Gamblers Anonymous helps problem gamblers on our resources page.)

Check out this video to learn more about how Gamblers Anonymous can help you.


Both problem gamblers and their loved ones are welcome to join a Gamblers Anonymous meeting. If you are struggling with a gambling or alcohol use disorder (also known as “alcohol addition”), and live in the Vineland, NJ, area, CCGNJ and Gamblers Anonymous want to help you. CCGNJ strives to bring New Jersey residents the best resources to use in their journey to recovery. There are so many different paths to take on your road to recovery, and they all start with a single step towards support, treatment, and hope. Find a local Gamblers Anonymous meeting today by clicking here.



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