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New Jersey announced that all casinos will be closed for the unforeseeable future.

For a regular at the casino, this could cause feelings of anxiety and isolation. So, what can you do to mitigate the effects of being confined?   The Councils’ concern is that some people may switch to other forms of gambling.  Here are some alternative measures to prevent relapse and occupy your time:

Visit our website.  There you will find videos and help in finding an alternative to GA and Gam anon meetings.  We also have phone meetings available:
Problem Gamblers Phone Meetings
GA Phone Meetings

Call your sponsor and other program individuals to share how you are feeling.  They need you as much as you need them.

Exercise – Being physically active promotes the release of feel-good brain chemicals. It may also help distract you from your worries. There are many of exercises that can be done at home. Visit YouTube or check for free exercise apps on your phone.

Connect with family and friends (virtually) – This is a good time to connect with your loved ones and a great way to stay uplifted.

Learn a new skill/hobby – There are many things you can learn to do on the internet these days. Play a piano, learn how to code, create a website, learn to cook a new dish, begin a blog and so much more. This is a perfect time to develop yourself in other ways.

Have fun – Watch a variety of movies/documentaries, read or listen to books, listen to music, take long baths. Relax and de-stress as much as you can.

Meditation – this is a very practical way to also de-stress and reduce any feelings of anxiety. There are many free apps on the phone as well as on YouTube that can guide you in these techniques that will guide you to relaxation.


The council is working remotely but is still available to help the problem gambler. Text 800GAMBLER’ to 800GAMBLER or call 800GAMBLER – 24/7.

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