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5 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Develop Healthy Attitudes About Gambling

As legalized sports betting spreads from Atlantic City to communities across the country and opportunities for gambling revenue expand nationwide, impressionable young people growing up in our technology-dependent world are being exposed to more messages about gambling. Whether it’s through advertising or video games that offer “loot boxes” (virtual, chance-based rewards) gambling is everywhere a teenager looks. 

The National Council on Problem Gaming reports that 10 to 14 percent of teens ages 12 to 17 are at risk for developing a gambling problem. What can parents do to keep their children on a healthy path?

Here are a few tips for teaching your kids about gambling:

Even if you love betting on sports in Atlantic City, and you consider your own behavior to be moderate and healthy, it’s important to stay aware of what your teen is doing online. If you notice them exhibiting any signs of disordered gambling, reach out for help by calling or texting 800-GAMBLER.