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1-800-GAMBLER Offers Support for Problem Gamblers and Their Loved Ones

Gambling addiction is a serious but treatable disorder. It affects thousands of Americans every day. The gamblers themselves are not the only ones who deal with the byproduct of an active addiction. Other people who are touched by a gambling disorder include parents, children, friends, spouses and co-workers of the afflicted individual.


For every problem, there is a solution. Here are some simple ways a loved one can help a problem gambler treat their disorder one day at a time:


  • Understanding Addiction – The sooner an addict seeks treatment for their disorder, the quicker their quality of life improves. This is why it is imperative that loved ones understand the addiction and are able to point out the symptoms of problematic gambling. The longer that addiction is ignored, the worse it gets (generally). If you need pamphlets, brochures or links to other resources, feel free to utilize our 24-hour online library or to call or text our hotline to speak to a specialist.
  • Get Involved – Everybody likes to have somebody to talk to. Whether it’s a phone call or a coffee date, being there for your loved one is important. A great support system can help influence somebody to fight their gambling urges. This is why it is so important that you research the disorder and review all of the resources available at
  • Team Up – Whether you assist by providing transportation to a meeting or by sending your friend a text, the small gestures go a long way. Many people who have gambling problems in NJ find it extremely helpful to have people by their side in the beginning. If your loved one prefers to take initiative alone, they can get help for gambling addiction in NJ by calling our 24/7 Confidential Hotline.
  • Stay Positive – Don’t give up hope. Encourage progress. Reward success.
  • Explore Your Options – Some people prefer Gamblers Anonymous meetings while others prefer one-on-one counseling. Some people prefer a guided 12-step program while others benefit from expanding their spirituality. The choice is up to you and how you prefer to heal.


If you know somebody who has become powerless over gambling, you can call 1-800-GAMBLER or visit today. Hope is just around the corner for you and your loved ones.