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Casino Gambling Problem in New Jersey

Do you feel an emotional high every time you win at an Atlantic City casino–and then feel like you can’t stop playing? Does a loved one have trouble controlling their betting habits? There is no need to feel shame for a gambling addiction. It happens to many people. In fact, about 2 million U.S. adults meet criteria for this problem each year, according to the National Council on Problem Gambling.  If you live in Freehold, AC, or elsewhere in New Jersey and you or a loved one has a skill-based addiction (or another type of gambling problem), call or text 1-800-GAMBLER The strongest thing you can do is seek help.

Many factors contribute to this addiction, including the desire to experience the high of winning skill-based games (or other kinds), the social status that comes with being a successful gambler, and the desire to fix debt quickly. The signs of a gambling problem include being secretive, placing risky bets even when they’re unaffordable, and having trouble controlling the habit. However, problem gamblers do not display the same physical signs and symptoms that drug or alcohol users do, meaning that their addiction is often “hidden.”

New Jersey is home to many casinos, from Atlantic City to Monmouth, making it easy to find a place to gamble in the Garden State. Communities in close proximity to casinos and other betting establishments have an increased risk for addiction. Many times, the rush of winning can trigger addictive behavior. But you (or your loved one) can be stronger than addiction by seeking help for gambling in Atlantic City, as well as Freehold and Monmouth.

If you live in or near AC (or anywhere else in New Jersey) and feel as though you or a loved one cannot stop betting on skill-based games (or other types), call or text 1-800-GAMBLER, a free and confidential hotline which offers support, treatment, and hope. Our representatives will connect you with resources for overcoming skill-based game addiction, such as Gamblers Anonymous meetings in New Jersey and/or self-exclusion from casinos. Help is only a phone call away.