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Why Are Veterans More Likely to Develop Gambling Disorders?

According to various research studies, American military veterans have a significantly higher risk of developing gambling disorders when compared to the general population. This is a massive issue because the men and women who bravely fought for our country have enough post-duty obstacles facing them as it is. Many families throughout all of New Jersey, from Atlantic City to Monmouth County, have noticed the connection between problem gambling and military service. But what do the facts say about the link between military service and gambling disorders?

Facts about gambling and the military

Fast Facts About Problem Gambling & Military Service

There are many factors that make veterans and active military members more likely to develop gambling disorders than the general population. Take a look at these facts reported by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services based on research conducted by the National Council on Problem Gambling:

-10% of Veterans using VA treatment services had gambling disorders.

-Compared to the general population, veterans with PTSD may be 60 times more likely to have gambling disorders.

-40% of veterans hospitalized at VA inpatient psychiatric units met the criteria for disordered gambling.

-Among veterans who seek help for disordered gambling, 40% reported a past suicide attempt.

-More than $100 million is raised each year by slot machines owned by the U.S. Military and operated overseas at various military facilities. None of the money goes towards prevention or education.

With at least 3,000 slot machines installed at various United States Military facilities overseas, and mental health issues plaguing those who have had brutal combat experiences, it’s understandable that military service has a correlation with disordered gambling.

Shocking facts about gambling and the military

Dial 800-GAMBLER for Help Handling a Gambling Disorder Post-Military Service

Problem gambling has affected military families from Marlboro Township, NJ, to Los Angeles, CA. There’s no shame in asking for help — you can get the support, treatment, and hope that you’ve been waiting for by dialing 800-GAMBLER today to reach our 24-hour confidential helpline.