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What’s at Stake in Belmont?

On Saturday, June 11th, Creator edged out Destin “by a nose” to win the 2016 Belmont Stakes horse race. This was the 148th occurrence of this enormously popular event. One thing you can count on with this race is high volume gambling, both online and in-person.

The winning horse (Creator) was given 16-1 odds, which means he was far from the favorite. In fact, he was a relatively big underdog. Picking the favorite is so difficult, even the “experts” who set the odds (lines) have trouble predicting the winners. Only one betting favorite since 2005 has won this event, showing that odds making and betting are far from being a proven science at this race—hence the term “gambling.” After all, they do say, “the house always wins” when it comes to casinos and sportsbooks.

Some individuals place wagers with high hopes of financial gains, while others place bets to be social or fit in, realizing that the odds of being profitable are not great. However, as with many risky behaviors, some gamblers associate a rush with gambling. It can become as troublesome (or more) as other addictions (drugs, food, sex, etc.). While gambling addiction isn’t an issue for everybody, there are many who face problems due to chasing the high of regaining their losses. Betting on the “ponies” is no exception.

Other famous horse races with high-volume wagering include the Kentucky Derby, Breeder’s Cup and the Preakness Stakes. If you know somebody who is looking for assistance to stop gambling on horses, sports or any other form of betting, we can lend a hand. Instead of clicking your next wager on your cell phone, you can send a text message to “800GAMBLER” and a representative will reply to your message confidentially and discretely.

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of NJ (CCGNJ) is offering support, treatment, hope and help in the form of multiple resources available online and over the phone. Individuals who have a gambling problem in Atlantic City have been utilizing our 24/7 confidential helpline for years. Although we are a gambling help line nearby Atlantic City, our services extend across America.

We keep an updated list of Gamblers Anonymous meetings online, which is a helpful way addicts treat their addiction in a group setting. CCGNJ also has an email list [JOIN HERE] that keeps subscribers up to date with information on multiple topics ranging from training courses to relevant (and helpful) media stories.

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