What Is In-Game Sports Betting?

In the first year of legal sports betting, America’s professional sports leagues have been quick to embrace the industry. The NBA became the first major sports league to sign a sports-betting partnership, a deal that includes real-time data for in-play betting opportunities. And, after the NHL announced its partnership with MGM Grand which includes giving the sportsbook access to similar in-game data, fans have been left asking the question, “what is in-game sports betting?”

Here, we’ll explain what exactly in-game sports betting is. We’ll discuss what type of data will be shared with the sportsbooks, what types of in-game bets you can expect to see, and the potential trap that sports fans may fall into when it comes to placing these bets.

The Growing Popularity of In-Play Betting

In-game, or in-play, sports betting is not entirely new, although cutting-edge technologies are making the future of these wagers very intriguing. In some events, sportsbooks actually see more engagement with in-play bets than they do with bets before the game.

In-game bets are placed after the event has started. You can typically bet on the end result, the score at the end of a quarter, or the outcome of an upcoming play. The odds are constantly changing based on previous plays, injuries, and other relevant factors, giving bettors an exciting and novel betting experience.

But Wait, There’s a Catch!

In-game sports betting in Atlantic City is becoming an increasingly popular option. Not only does it offer constant entertainment as it heightens the stakes for each upcoming play, but it can also lead a person to feel more in control of their winnings by letting the game begin to play out before they risk any money.

While you might believe the real-time data helps you make smarter wagers, it really only benefits the sportsbooks set more competitive lines. If you wait for your team to take the lead before placing a bet on them to win, the odds will increase, shrinking your potential winnings. On the other hand, as the game progresses, comeback victories and other risky bets offer larger payouts, making these low probability bets much more enticing.

In the end, real-time data only serves to help the sportsbooks, and not the ones placing the bets. As a non-profit organization that offers help for gamblers of all types, including those betting on sports in Atlantic City and throughout the rest of New Jersey, CCGNJ can help you or a loved one overcome a sports gambling problem. Reach out to our confidential helpline, 800-GAMBLER at any time.


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