What Are the Most Common Legal Troubles Problem Gamblers Encounter?

Many people gamble to break free from everyday worries. However, for some, gambling may quickly become a severe problem that causes negative physical, psychological, and social outcomes.

Problem gambling is a continuous behavior disorder where an individual has an uncontrollable urge to gamble. When you have a gambling problem, it becomes hard to control the urge to gamble, even when it is causing more harm than good to you and your loved ones. Unlike substance misuse or alcoholism issues that are easier to detect, problem gambling is not so easily detected. However, some clues could be warning signs of a gambling problem.

Compared with the general public, people with problem gambling are more likely to have legal issues reported. Here are the most common legal troubles problem gamblers face:

Gambling-Related Theft, Assault, and Embezzlement

According to a study by a professor at the University of Nevada funded by a 2004 Justice Department, problem gamblers are constantly gambling and end up with drastic drawbacks. As a result, they borrow or steal money to pay gambling debts.

However, this does not mean that anyone who gambles is likely to steal, nor does it infer that gaming makes more people steal. But uncontrolled gambling may lead to theft and embezzlement of funds.

Many people with problems gambling have committed robbery to pay for gambling or gambling debts. Others have assaulted someone to get money out of desperation. The connection between gambling and theft is that gambling, if not managed, leads to huge losses that create pressure to commit income-generating crimes.

Gambling and Drug Dealing

The majority of problem gamblers have used or sold drugs. Alcohol misuse is the most common condition among problem gamblers. Others have been involved in drug trafficking to finance their gambling. Surprisingly, there are those using drugs like methamphetamine to keep them alert and awake during long gambling hours.

Traffic Offenses

Problem gamblers suffer emotional stress, especially after huge losses, which can lead to reckless driving. Sleep deprivation as a result of many hours of gambling can cause distraction and poor concentration when operating a vehicle.

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