Things You May Not Know About Video Gaming Addiction

With April being Alcohol Awareness Month, more light is also being shined on gambling, gaming, and eSports addictions. One study found that the same regions of the brain activated during alcohol cravings are also activated in gaming addicts when they see images of computer games.


There are many studies regarding gaming addiction and eSports. Results vary; however, there is one thing in common with this research. That commonality is that gaming addiction is real. It truly exists. And, it is only in its infantile stages.


The rapid growth of video game addiction is due to the expanding tech innovations that create new avenues to game on. Not too long ago, kids’ games would be limited to board games, cards, and outdoor activities. Over the last few decades, many new mediums have developed. From mobile phones and tablets to TVs and computers, there are multiple ways that people of all ages can gain access to highly addictive games in a matter of seconds.


With the Internet available on every device imaginable, it makes it incredibly easy for people all over the world to connect with other global gamers 24 hours a day to simultaneously play together. It is not uncommon for hardcore players to go on binges of twelve hours or more without taking a break for food or drink. This can be detrimental to a gaming addict’s health and immune system.


Here are some findings from various studies about people with video game addictions:

–Students addicted to video games have lower grades in school than their peers. Rapidly dropping grades and test scores may be a sign of teen gambling—young people don’t have to take trips to Atlantic City to develop disordered gambling habits.

–Males tend to be attracted to aggressive games while females generally refer puzzles and games with a storyline.

–There are different definitions of video game addiction. This is why results may vary. Anywhere from 3%-12% of gamers are thought to be addicted depending on the study.

–Online Role-Playing Games (RPGs) are more likely to result in addiction than other computer game genres.

–Video game addiction can be a symptom of underlying emotional or psychological issues such as anxiety or depression.

–League of Legends and Counterstrike are two of the more popular games played online for money.

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