The Top Problem Gambling Recovery Books

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When gambling becomes more than just a fun pastime, it can wreak havoc on your finances and relationships. If you feel like your urge to gamble has gotten out of hand and are ready to stop gambling, you may find it beneficial to read gambling recovery books from licensed professionals and people who have gone through the same experiences. These books offer a range of advice, from dealing with gambling withdrawal and urges to mending your relationships. Here are some of the best problem gambling recovery books available today:

Gambling: The Hidden Addiction — Overcoming Gambling Addiction

Gambling: The Hidden Addiction — Overcoming Gambling Addiction by Kerry Dennis guides readers through the twelve steps of disordered gambling recovery. Whether you’ve just begun your journey of healing or have been navigating this difficult road for some time, you could learn new ways to set yourself free by reading this book. Dennis’s advice is also well suited for mental health professionals, social workers, physicians, faith-based professionals, and anyone wishing to understand gambling disorders to help others overcome their pain and suffering.

Bet on Yourself: The Journey of Gambling Addiction Recovery

Susana Abdella, a recovering problem gambler, wrote Bet on Yourself: The Journey of Gambling Addiction Recovery to explain the harsh reality of the effects of disordered gambling and the process of turning this drive into something positive. Along with advice on how to see through the fantasy of winning big, Abdella shares her own personal journey through the rabbit hole of problem gambling and recovery.

The Girl Gambler

Gambling is not a male-dominated activity. Women are just as interested in casinos and sports betting as men. Unfortunately, for some time, it was frowned upon for women to seek help for a problem that was seen as male-dominated. No one felt the reality of this problem like Stacey Goodwin.

Goodwin was a young girl who lost herself in the world of gambling. It controlled her every thought and movement and almost took her life. For eight long years, she lived in shame, believing others would look down on her for her gambling problem. But eventually, she discovered the tools that allowed her to break free from her disordered gambling. She has shared her journey in The Girl Gambler to inspire other women recovering from problem gambling.

The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook

Jody Bechtold and Alyssa Wilson wrote The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook for mental health professionals. This guidebook shares the biopsychosocial nature of disordered gambling and provides evidence-based strategies for treating gambling disorders as part of a clinical practice. The authors support the idea that treatment can be customized to varying client groups, such as adults, adolescents, trauma survivors, military personnel, and diverse cultures. With its detailed information and diagnostic and screening resources, this handbook is a must-read for any therapist treating clients with gambling problems.

Overcome Your Gambling Addiction: A Self-Coaching Recovery Journal

Journaling is a great way to overcome your gambling problem. If you’re interested in journaling but are unsure how to start, this self-coaching journal from Zen Mirrors could help. The journal features six chapters that help you become more self-aware and intentional. As you work through this book, you will learn how to recognize patterns in your behavior, love yourself, and discover a life free of your disorder.

Seek Recovery Help Today

Discovering a life free of your gambling problem is possible. If you need help recovering from your disordered gambling, seek support from licensed professionals and other recovering problem gamblers. You can attend weekly online Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings or call 1-800-GAMBLER for treatment options and support.


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