The Significance of NCPG Launching the Agility Grant Program

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On January 26, 2022, the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) launched its new Agility Grant Program. This initiative is designed to support nonprofit organizations in their efforts to stop the harm of problem gambling.

The NCPG has seen a lack of funding for nonprofit organizations looking to help people with gambling issues. That’s why they have partnered with the National Football League Foundation to fund grants that will enhance existing problem gambling prevention programs and allow new ones to be developed in communities where problem gambling initiatives were non-existent.

What Is the Agility Grant Program?

The NCPG’s Agility Grants are based on the organization’s three core principles of innovation, collaboration, and amplification. With the support of the National Football League Foundation, NCPG hopes to aid nonprofit organizations in reducing the personal, social, and financial impact of problem gambling.

The organization has accepted applications from nonprofits committed to the program’s two pillar strategies (prevention innovation and amplification). In March, the NCPG hopes to award four to six nonprofits with funding anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. This will conclude round one of the Agility Grant Program. The second round will be held in late summer and early fall 2022. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey will be submitting an application during this second round. With time, the NCPG hopes these grants will reduce the number of individuals and families affected by problem gambling.

Who Can Apply for Agility Grants?

The NCPG is accepting applications from U.S. nonprofit organizations that have a 501(c)(3) public charity designation from the IRS as well as organizations fiscally sponsored by a nonprofit. Any organization applying for an Agility Grant must adhere to one or both of the program’s funding pillars: prevention innovation and amplification.

  • Prevention Innovation: Nonprofits following this pillar must use the funding awarded to them to foster and accelerate problem gambling prevention programs and curricula for at-risk communities.
  • Amplification: Nonprofits adhering to this pillar must use their funding to increase community awareness, build up new leaders, and give a voice to people within the problem gambling community. 

Nonprofit organizations interested in applying for an Agility Grant can go to NCPG’s website for more information.

Why Is the New NCPG Grant Program Important?

With the funding from their Agility Grant, a nonprofit will be able to help individuals and families who are at risk of gambling problems, especially middle and high school students, college athletes, and marginalized communities. The grant will enable the nonprofit to raise awareness of the financial, social, and psychological impacts of gambling irresponsibly, as well as the local problem gambling resources available.

In addition to being able to educate at-risk communities, a nonprofit organization with an Agility Grant will have the funding they need to support new thought leaders who are already in the community. They can give young leaders and leaders of color a platform to speak about the dangers of gambling irresponsibly with their peers. In this way, they can reach people looking for someone who personally understands their situation.

Agility Grants: Raising Awareness, Response, & Support

Reducing the severity of gambling harm is a worldwide effort, which is why the introduction of the NCPG Agility Grant Program is such a significant occasion. Up until now, gambling prevention organizations have been operating with very little funding. The NCPG and NFL could no longer stand for this. The Agility Grant Program is one step towards stopping problems with gambling at a local level. It’s up to each of us to continue this fight for responsible gambling.

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