The Rise in New Jersey Gambling

The Press of Atlantic City reported on the rise in New Jersey gambling, in reference to a recent study done by the Rutgers School of Social Work. According to these sources, New Jersey’s state gaming addiction has risen to four times the national average. Such a disturbing leap in gambling disorders marks statewide concern.


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How Prevalent is Online Gambling in New Jersey?


The study conducted by the Rutgers School of Social Work states that nearly seventy percent of New Jersey residents have admitted to gambling in the last year. New Jersey locals who currently suffer from gambling-related problems often choose to gamble in physical establishments, such as in casinos in Atlantic City.


Unlike physical means of gambling, online games are easy to access, conveniently available every hour of the day, and are private (or even anonymous). While those draws make gameplay more appealing, they also attract people with gambling addictions.


According to the study, the most prevalent category of New Jersey resident gamblers with the most severe cases of gambling problems was in the mixed group of both online and establishment-based gambling. Over nineteen percent of the study’s participants claimed to use both online and physical means of gambling, and at least five percent of New Jersey residents who gambled in the past year stated that they only gamble online.


The study concluded that the average rate of gambling disorders in New Jersey is over three times higher than that of other populations; almost fifteen percent of all gamblers in the area suffer from gambling related problems (which is also just about three times above other study averages).



Do You Need Help With a Gambling Problem?


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