The Final Round: How to Manage Urges When Betting on Basketball’s Biggest Series

As basketball season comes to a close, betting increases. The final round promises to be an exciting event, as always, leading to many opportunities for fun nights with your friends and promising wagers. But before opening your phone and placing bets, there are a few things to note to protect yourself from short-sighted plays. We’ll break them down below and help you manage your urges during professional basketball’s final round.

Playoff Rounds Go At Least 4 Games, Leading to Increased Chances for Betting

Remember, the final round is a round, and unlike football’s last game, you won’t have just one night to place a bet. So don’t force yourself to make a compulsive decision based on the idea that you’ll only have one chance at the bet. This means you can allow the series to play out and make wise choices that don’t overwhelm you. Stick to a strategy and make sure to enjoy the series. 

Don’t Let Your Fandom Lead to Compulsive Decisions

If your favorite team made it to the final round, you’re sure to be filled with many emotions. While this is undoubtedly a great thing to be happy about, don’t let compulsive decisions due to your fandom take over your decision-making process. Place thought-out and reasonable bets that aren’t based on emotional swings from your favorite team throughout the series. Bias often gets in the way of intelligent betting, so make sure to do enough research on any feelings or beliefs about your team.

Don’t Start Chasing Losses

Refusing betting impulses is important, especially after losses. This is even more critical during a short series, as you might feel plenty of pressure to make up for a loss. But don’t do so. Don’t chase your losses under any circumstances. Whether it’s due to a referee that missed an important call, or a last-second three-pointer that changes the score, you don’t want to let the emotion cause you to make an uneducated decision.

Set Limits to Your Daily Betting

Discipline is vital to placing bets and managing impulses, and setting a daily limit that you won’t pass under any circumstance can reduce the likelihood of rash decisions. You can even consider placing a loss limit that prevents you from chasing losses or losing too much money. 

Don’t Get Overwhelmed By the Available Betting Options

There will be plenty of available betting options during the series to bet on. From points to assists and parlays, there are many aspects to place a wager on, especially if the series goes the full seven games. Don’t get overwhelmed and chase every option. They may seem like opportunities for wins, but be mindful of every element. Focus on aspects of the game you may know best or chase smaller bets to avoid sensory overload and choosing every option.

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From football’s biggest game to basketball’s most anticipated playoff round, you’ll find there are many ways to bet on the sports you love. But there’s a difference between responsible betting and problematic and compulsive decision-making. If you or someone you know may have a gambling problem, 1-800-GAMBLER is here to help. With a large slate of information and resources, there is a variety of sources available to help with any potential gambling problems. Learn more by exploring 1-800-GAMBLER or find a help meeting today.


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