The Connections Between Boxing and Problem Gambling

When you think about the most well-known sports to bet on, horse racing and football likely come to mind. However, boxing and gambling are also incredibly popular. While football is among one of the most popular betting sports, boxing pay-per-view figures and gambling communities have been growing. There are numerous reasons why betters love this sport and, in turn, several reasons why boxing can encourage harmful gambling behaviors. For more information on the connection between boxing and gambling problems, here’s an overview of why the matches have caught the attention and wallets of so many people.

It’s An Exciting Combat Sport

A significant reason why boxing and gambling are such a strong combination is because of how competitive and intense the sport is. Many gamblers greatly enjoy spectating boxing matches and have a good time regardless of whether the side they were betting on loses — especially if they’re watching their favorite boxer, whether it be Floyd Mayweather or Anthony Joshua. The sense of thrill created by intense matches brings sports betters back for more of the excitement, which can lead to them gambling more money in the process.

In addition to its intensity, boxing has plenty of other traits that have made it a popular betting sport. One edge it has over other competitive sports is that boxing odds are a lot more unpredictable, meaning there’s no telling whether a reigning champion will be able to defend their title from an underdog. Furthermore, gamblers are able to place bets on more than just the winner of the match — the boxer who lands the most punches or the first participant to knock out their opponent can also be gambled on. These traits all combine to make boxing an exciting sport for gamblers, attracting thrill seekers time and time again.

Technology Makes Boxing Gambling More Accessible

The connection between boxing and gambling is far from new — after all, boxing is one of the oldest sports around. Spectators have been placing bets on boxing matches for a long time, but with advancements in technology, gambling on boxers has become more accessible than ever before. Now, gamblers can watch gambling matches as they occur on the other side of the country and participate in live betting. Plus, betters have the option to spend their money in a casino or the comfort of their own home. Because problem gamblers don’t have to leave their house to feed their betting craves, the ability to remotely watch boxing matches can make it harder for individuals to stave off their betting problems.

Boxing and Gambling Bets Are Legal

Did you know that boxing and gambling are legal? Currently, the federal government hasn’t outlined and passed any laws prohibiting boxing and gambling sites. Part of the reason it’s legal is because some of the boxing betting sites it takes place on are not based in the United States, meaning that they aren’t forced to adhere to any of the country’s sports betting laws. As a result, there are no legal restrictions like there may be with casino games, which can make it enticing and easy for betters who can experience the thrill of gambling without being restrained by the law.

If You Struggle With Boxing and Problem Gambling, Call Us Today

Despite how entertaining and accessible boxing betting can be, it can still encourage a gambler’s problematic behavior and drain away their income. If you or someone you know needs assistance with their betting problems, call our confidential 24/7 helpline today. We offer a variety of information and resources to help individuals overcome their struggles, as well as sources to find a help meeting. For more information, contact 800-GAMBLER.


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