Road to Recovery — How to Come Back from a Gambling Problem

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When people experience complications from problem gambling, finding the road to recovery can prove difficult. They first have to admit there is a problem and that they need help, which can feel like a sizable mountain to climb for most problem gamblers. Once they get on the road to recovery, staying on it becomes a different conversation entirely. 

Problem gamblers in the Garden State will face many challenges as they work toward taking control of their life back, but how they go about their recovery looks different for every person. However, while the road to recovery looks different for everyone, there are some rules that will help stick to their recovery in times of stress and trouble. 

Know the Available Resources

As people face a world with legal sports betting becoming quickly available through things like a sportsbook app, dealing with their gambling problem may seem like an uphill battle. However, simply because online sports betting and casinos are becoming more prevalent doesn’t mean that their road to recovery suddenly becomes non-existent. 

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ) provides problem gamblers with the resources they need to maintain their recovery. Whether it’s access to educational materials, resources for your loved ones to help better support you, or help matching you with a support group, we can help you find the resources that you need to continue aiding your recovery. 

Have Someone to Talk to When You Need It

On the outside, it seems like problem gambling recovery is a solitary journey one has to go through. When someone recovering from problem sports gambling in Freehold, NJ, faces challenges, they don’t have to go it alone. Having a reliable person they can go to and talk about their struggles can help them work through their current challenges and stay the course. 

Building a Strong Support Network

The key to any successful problem gambler getting the help they need revolves around their support network. They need people around them that understand the struggles they are currently going through and offer to help in these trying times. Family members form the foundation of the network, providing them a safe space in a familiar setting to talk about their difficulties. 

However, sometimes an at-home network isn’t enough. You want to talk to people who have gone through similar trials and tribulations and come out the other side. Fortunately, there are groups available to help problem gamblers throughout New Jersey.

In-Person and Virtual Meetings

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) provides people looking for help with a space filled with people dealing with similar issues that come together and talk about their experiences. These meetings give problem gamblers an outlet to talk about their feelings and work through their unique challenges. We help people find in-person and virtual support groups throughout NJ

GA groups provide attendees with sponsors that have gone through the program and help keep people accountable on their road to recovery. They offer a direct line to give advice, talk about current challenges, and be an experienced lifeline for someone looking to avoid falling to the rise of NJ’s sports betting markets. 

In addition to in-person meetings, we can help match you with virtual meetings that better accommodate your schedule and comfort levels at this point in your recovery. 

Find Alternatives to Gambling Triggers

Most problem gamblers have specific situations that trigger the response in their mind that it’s time to start gambling. While you cannot remove every possible stressor from your life, identifying the feelings you experience when you gamble and finding a healthier alternative to gambling will help you respond to these stressors. 

If gambling gives you an adrenaline rush, finding a sport or hobby that provides the same thrill can prove a welcome alternative to gambling. If you used gambling to combat boredom or loneliness, discovering a passion and joining a group with similar interests can fill the bored and lonely void that gambling once did. The options are endless, and you find the one that works best for your situation and specific needs. 

Get on the Road to Problem Gambling Recovery With 800-GAMBLER’s Help!

Problem gamblers face a host of difficulties when they decide to make an honest change and get on their personal road to recovery. They have a host of resources available to help you build out your support system, find meetings, and provide educational resources to help you figure out what your road to recovery looks like. 

If you or someone you love has a gambling problem, you can call our 24/7 confidential helpline and call 1-800-GAMBLER for everything you may need. 


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