Reflecting On National Public Health Week

In the seemingly neverending process of creating a healthy nation, we recently celebrated National Public Health Week.

National Public Health Week occurs during the first week of April every year. For nearly 20 years, the American Public Health Association (APHA) has served as the organizer for the event. Each year during this time, the APHA constructs a national campaign to educate the public and help them realize the importance of public health.

This year, the APHA is championing Generation Public Health, an initiative they created to assure that every person has the chance to be healthy. The goal of Generation Public Health is to make the United States the healthiest nation by 2030.

Create a Healthier America

Change is going to take more than watching what you put in your mouth. The Generation Public Health movement wants make sure that everything that impacts health is improved, including housing, education, transportation and the environment.

Every person in the United States should be allowed the opportunity to live a long, prosperous and healthy life. Unfortunately, while improvements in public health have been made over the past decade, the country still ranks just 34th in life expectancy.

One of the other reasons Generation Public Health was created was to work together as a country to boost health and well-being. They collaborate across sectors, continually growing their movement of people, organizations and communities.

Hopefully by 2030, the goals will be met and the United States will be the world leader in public health.

Join Generation Public Health Today

Make sure to sign the pledge and become a member of Generation Public Health. They currently have 7,200-plus people that have signed the pledge.
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