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Press Release – Super Bowl

Ninety percent of those who bet on the Super Bowl gamble for the challenge. It is a social form of gambling, and most people bet within their means. For the other 10% the Super Bowl could trigger a gambling binge that jeopardizes all they hold dear.

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb 02, 2011 – Football has replaced baseball as America’s pastime, and its appeal is probably related to the ease of betting. The point spread on the game appears in every newspaper in the country. Sports talk radio show hosts offer their “predictions”, and “sports services” will sell you winners for a fee.

Las Vegas anticipates that $90 million will be bet on the 2011 Super Bowl. And that is just the legal betting, which is estimated to be less than 10% of the $10 billion wagered overall. That $10 billion estimate includes bookmakers, off-shore betting and office pools. Super Bowl is clearly the biggest betting day of the year for sports fans.

But for some individuals the Super Bowl becomes a last chance to get even for the season. These are problem and compulsive gamblers who are unable to control the time or amount they dedicate to gambling. They get preoccupied with the gambling, to the exclusion of other obligations. The resulting impact is felt not only by the individuals but also by their families and communities.

According to Donald Weinbaum, Executive Director of The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, “Compulsive gambling is an illness – it is not just a question of willpower. This is a curable disease, yet only a small percentage of compulsive gamblers ever seek treatment or self help groups.”

The Council tries to help remove the stigma for gamblers who are experiencing problems in their lives and to encourage them to reach out for help. Its free confidential 24 hour help line offers information about self help groups and Compulsive Gambling Counselors.  The Council reminds anyone struggling on their own:
“If you or a loved one has a gambling problem, remember there is help.   Call 1-800-GAMBLER®.  Talk to someone who understands the pain and who can help provide solutions.”

Super Bowl Sunday may be the perfect day to reach out for help. Maybe you owe it to yourself or your loved ones to call.

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