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The Impact of Disordered Gambling on Communities

When someone struggles with a gambling problem in Monmouth, NJ, or anywhere else in the country, it impacts the entire community. Read our infographic below to learn more about the social impacts of disordered gambling. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey helps Monmouth, NJ, and other communities in the state by offering access […]

March Madness: How to Participate Responsibly

On March 13th, 68 collegiate basketball teams will compete for the NCAA championship. Throngs of basketball fans across the country will participate in March Madness by joining betting pools and filling out brackets. Collectively, they will wager billions of dollars on the outcome of each game in the tournament. Last year, the American Gaming Association […]

Coping with Disordered Gambling Triggers

Although recovery from disordered gambling is certainly possible with the proper support, certain “triggers” can challenge problem gamblers as they try to change their behavior. By learning how to identify these triggers and cope with them, however, anyone can successfully recover from unhealthy sports betting in Atlantic City or any other form of disordered gambling. […]

Gambling in the Year of the Dog

On February 16, 2018, millions of people around the world celebrated the commencement of the Chinese New Year. For about a week (or much longer in some countries) festivals, concerts, parades, and parties ushered in the Year of the Dog. Many people that observed this holiday took part in traditions intended to sweep away ill […]

The Link Between Alcoholism and Disordered Gambling

People that cannot seem to limit their skill-based gambling in Atlantic City are more likely to struggle with alcoholism. Read our infographic for more information about the relationship between alcoholism and disordered gambling. Any problem gambler — not just those gambling in Atlantic City casinos — may be vulnerable to alcoholism. For resources that can help with […]