Mark Your Calendar! Our 35th Annual Conference is on September 15th

Friday, September 15th, 2017, is the official date of our 35th Annual Statewide Conference on Disordered Gambling, and we couldn’t be more excited to invite you to mark your calendar.

Each year, we at CCGNJ invite professionals in the gambling industry who are dedicated to responsible gaming, as well as treatment professionals invested in their community’s well-being, problem gamblers and their families, along with interested members of the community, to spend a day sharing new insights on disordered gambling and its treatment. This year we have a number of speakers who have generously offered their time towards our cause to helping locals suffering from gambling addictions, as well as their friends, families, and others who are affected by a gambling disorder.

Meet the Speakers
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Marc Potenza, MD, PhD

Dr. Potenza is a current Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry in the Child Study Center of the Yale School of Medicine. He is a board-certified psychiatrist with a subspecialty certification in addiction psychiatry. He is on the editorial boards of eight widely-recognized journals and has received several national and international awards for his clinical care and excellence in research.

As one of the leading figures in research on the subjects of gambling and other impulse control disorders, Dr. Potenza has a wealth of formal knowledge and newly acquired research to share with our audience during the conference. The primary focus of his research is on the similarities and differences between non-substance addictions (often referred to as “behavioral” addictions) and substance addictions.

Plenary Session Speaker: Dr. Alyssa N. Wilson, PhD, BCBA-D

Dr. Alyssa N. Wilson is a current Director and Assistant Professor of Applied Behavioral Analysis at the Saint Louis University College for Public Health and Social Justice. She is an editorial board member of Behavior Analysis in Practice, Behavior Analysis: Research in Practice, and Addiction, Recovery, and Aftercare.
Dr. Alyssa N. Wilson’s research interests encompass self-control and decision making, emotional behavioral disorders, translational approaches to interdisciplinary clinical behavior analysis, and biopsychosocial aspects of substance use disorders (including gambling disorders). She works with agencies to provide much needed clinical behavior analysis in schools, and created the Saint Louis University Gambling Addictions Research Laboratory where she supervises the translational and clinical research projects related to gambling that are conducted by graduate students.

Workshop Speakers:

Jessica Alomar, LPC

Jessica Alomar is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over eight years of practice beneath her belt. She is a counseling provider in Brick, NJ and focuses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT)


Jeff Beck is the Clinical Director of the Maryland Center for Excellence. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Compulsive Gambling Counselor. He was an attorney for 18 years before returning to school to get a Masters in Addiction Counseling and completing all course work for a doctoral degree in social work. He has worked clinically with alcoholics, drug addicts and gamblers.

Anthony F. DeMarco, LL.B (JD), Ph.D., DNGH,

Mr. DeMarco is a member of the Board of Directors here at the CCGNJ. He is an attorney and a licensed Hypnotherapist that specializes in gambling addiction therapy.


Sachin Karnik is a Clinical Social Work Therapist in Newark, DE, with over twenty-five years in practice. At last year’s Conference, Dr. Karnik gave a well-received workshop on the incorporation of mindfulness practice into addiction treatment.

Come Join Us for the 35th Annual Statewide Conference on Disordered Gambling, Sept. 15th

We want to extend our invitation to anyone interested in learning more about gambling disorders: Come join us on September 15 at The Holiday Inn located in East Windsor, NJ, to hear from the above speakers. Those who would like to set up a booth or register with us can do so by visiting by visiting, where downloadable forms can be found.

For more information on the CCGNJ’s outreach (including resources, group support, and programs), you can browse through our website at and chat online with one of our 24/7 confidential support advisors.

If you or someone you love has frequently been participating in racetrack wagering in Monmouth, NJ (or any other form of gambling) and you think they may be struggling to with a problem, there is support, treatment and hope just a phone call away. Whether someone you know has been losing more than just their paycheck to casino gambling in Atlantic City, or you yourself are having a hard time quitting betting at sports, you can find the help you need with CCGNJ by calling 1-800-GAMBLER today.


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