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Loot Boxes: Evening the Odds

If you’ve been following the 800-Gambler blog or any other sources of gambling and gaming news, then you’re probably familiar with loot boxes, which are becoming increasingly popular in video games. It may not be exactly the same as sports betting in Atlantic City, NJ, but it’s not as different as might think. The general consensus of the gaming community is that it is certainly a form of gambling. 

You pay a price, real money, for which you don’t know exactly you’ll receive in return; except that the reward will be in-game, not physical or real world-applicable. Now, Google is stepping in to even the odds. Learn more below:

Loot Boxes Evening the Odds

While playing a video game seems innocent when compared to AC sports betting, it can still be problematic when real currency is involved, especially when it’s affecting gamers at a young age. To learn more about the dangers of loot boxes, continue to follow our blog and dial 800-Gambler for support, treatment and hope.