Is 2020 the Year Video Games Take Over Real-Life Casinos?

In an effort to appeal to younger gamblers, many brick-and-mortar casinos are considering adding skill-based video games, including classics like Asteroids and Missile Command, to their casino floors. Many casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have already begun testing skill-based video game gambling. The arcade games in question are supposedly unchanged from their original form, except for one major difference — you can win your money back.

Why Are Casinos Adding Skill-Based Video Games?

There are various reasons why gaming executives are considering the proposition of installing skill-based video games on their casino floors. The first and most obvious reason is that it will attract a younger audience of gamblers — particularly, millennials who have grown up with video games and continue to play them as adults. However, another factor driving the gambling world’s video game revolution is the fact that gamblers enjoy feeling like they have control over the outcome of the game they are wagering on.  

Slot machines are a crucial money-maker at nearly all casinos in the United States, accounting for as much as 85 percent of revenue in some cases. But millennials aren’t big on slot machines — they prefer skill-based gambling. Video game gambling machines offer exactly that to millennials, with the added bonus of familiarity with the games they can gamble on.

Does Video Game Gambling Attract Underage Gamblers?

Since this a relatively new concept that is still in the testing phase, there’s no telling what kind of impact video game gambling will have on minors and other Americans under the age of 21. But we already know about crazes like “skin” gambling and loot boxes, which have successfully introduced many young gamers to activities that are almost indistinguishable from gambling. Plus, gamers can already visit unregulated virtual casinos online to bet on the outcome of matchups between other gamers, and they can even wager rare items from the video games they play. It may be worthwhile for casino executives and other key stakeholders to look into this further and explore measures that can be taken to ensure that young gamers aren’t negatively influenced by video game gambling. 

What Parents Should Know

Whether it’s a serious wager that involves the exchange of currency or a silly, “I bet you a cookie that you can’t tie your shoe faster than me” — these high stakes/low stakes bets are considered gambling. From a young age, children are exposed to the concept of gambling, which is why parents should discuss the risks of gambling with their children at a young age.

Call 800-GAMBLER For Help With Gambling Disorders

Whether it’s online casino gambling in Monmouth, NJ, slot machines in Las Vegas, or skill-based gambling in Atlantic City, all forms of gambling pose a potential risk. If you know a problem gambler who needs help finding the road to recovery, call 800-GAMBLER any hour, day or night, to reach our confidential helpline for support, treatment, and hope.


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