How Will the Metaverse Change Online Gambling?

The internet has already significantly impacted how people gamble. Online gambling has seen dramatic increases across the board, with easier access to online casino gambling anywhere in the state, including Monmouth, NJ, sports betting, and legal gambling sites providing gamblers with more ways to gamble without having to set foot outside of one’s home. So, when Facebook — now called Meta — announced the creation of the Metaverse and its vision for how people will gamble online, the gaming industry was paying close attention.

Virtual reality no longer belongs in the realm of science fiction, and online gaming has made significant strides in the last few years. With Oculus coming under the Meta umbrella, the idea of complete VR environments for people playing games — and in some cases, online betting and casino gaming — will in all likelihood create many more opportunities for betting than ever before.

What Will the Metaverse Look Like in Years to Come? 

While we may be decades away from a future where the Metaverse looks like something out of Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One, a linked and fully virtual Metaverse isn’t that far away. Current technology already offers gaming hubs where people can sign in on their virtual reality headsets, play games, and, in some places, put down wagers. A fully realized Metaverse like what Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta envisions will be accompanied by fully realized and immersive gaming spaces.

Before long, online casinos will become 3D structures one can visit after entering the virtual world. You will be able to interact with other players to play games, place wagers, and even bet on real-time sporting events from inside the Metaverse. As the Metaverse reaches its full potential, people with a gambling disorder can expect to have an even more difficult time finding a road to recovery due to the ease of access created by these online and interactive casinos. 

How Will This Affect Problem Gamblers?

As the Metaverse reaches its vast potential, recovering problem gamblers are very likely to find it more difficult to avoid triggers. As the online gambling industry takes advantage of the technology and the early adopters, it will prove increasingly difficult to avoid the online casinos and gaming.

What Impact Can the Metaverse Have on Online Gambling?

Once players and gaming companies buy in to the Metaverse, online casinos can quickly become top destinations for Metaverse players. The idea that from the comfort of their home, they can get the same casino experience from a virtual world will drive widespread adoption. It can expect to change the way that people experience sporting events and sports betting as well. 

If and when the major sports leagues put their considerable resources into developing online spaces for their fans to watch and attend games from the Metaverse, their ongoing partnerships will integrate their services into the experience, including access to wagering. Given the mutually beneficial financial partnerships between the sports betting industry and the major sports leagues, seeing these relationships continue into the Metaverse era is surely just a matter of time. 

Dealing With Problem Gambling Before the Metaverse Boom

The best way for people dealing with a gambling problem to prepare for the presence of gambling in the Metaverse is to expand their road to recovery that makes the most sense for their situation. Participating in support groups, building a strong support network, and reaching out to an anonymous 24/7 helpline can help you on your road to recovery before the Metaverse adds a new challenge to your recovery. 
If you or a loved one are facing a gambling problem, contact us to get the help you need today.


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