How to Safety Travel as a Recovering Problem Gambler

Traveling is one of the many enjoyable parts of life, but many wonder if problem gambling recovery throws a wrench in that process. Thankfully, there are ways for people to ensure that their travel destinations don’t conflict with their desires to distance themselves from gambling. Incorporating some of these tips and tricks can help people explore the world, find new hobbies, and regain control of their lives in ways like never before. 

How a Vacation Can Lead to a Reoccurrence of Gambling Issues

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and comfortable environments, but for some, they can be confused as a time to “take a break” from recovery. Unfortunately, even one mistake can lead an individual down the wrong path, leading to adverse outcomes and multiple steps back on the recovery journey. This is especially true if you’re visiting a location that was the source of your gambling problems. These outcomes may not seem impactful or even reasonable at first glance, but they have impacted many individuals. Follow these tips to stay on the right path while recovering.

Keep in Touch With Your Support Group

Being on vacation doesn’t mean you should cease to contact the people you trust. Support groups are essential to recovery, and you should always have easy access to the people you trust. Don’t ignore messages or fail to perform daily tasks with these groups. Find a suitable companion for your trip to help you stick to requirements and goals while recovering. Inform your counselor or medical professional about your trip and plans, and find a help meeting to build a solid support group beforehand. 

Go to Locations That Don’t Invoke Gambling Behaviors or Habits

While spontaneous trips are something many crave, a solid plan can help prevent situations where you find yourself in a location that tests your limits. Plan where you’ll stay, and focus on hotels or areas away from casinos or other opportunities to gamble. Try to keep yourself busy with activities that take your mind off gambling or recovery. Additionally, you can focus on switching up the places you travel to. If specific locations remind you of gambling, try to make new memories in new areas. This will help you distance yourself from gambling while making the most of your vacation.

Try to Incorporate Exercise into Your Destinations

It’s no secret that exercise is one of the most enjoyable activities for many people. Yet many people fail to get enough of it or include enough productive activities in their gambling recovery. While on vacation, you can safely travel by filling your days with fun and enjoyable activities. They don’t have to be expensive either — simply going to the beach or going for a scheduled walk each day gives you something to look forward to and keeps your mind from wandering. You can also try rock climbing, forming new habits, or spending quality time with family and friends in other locations. 

Get More Tips During the Problem Gambling Recovery Process With Help From 800-GAMBLER

Recovery should never be a process you complete alone, nor should you have to separate yourself from all of life’s pleasures. With that being said, you should perform every action safely and appropriately, something the team at 800-GAMBLER can help you with. With plenty of information and resources, we can help you find the perfect solution to problem gambling and take back your mind and body. 

Travel where you want and when you want, but make sure to heed the signs and be aware that your vacation doesn’t come above your problem gambling recovery. Call 1-800-GAMBLER today for crucial insight and information on your recovery process. 


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