How Podcasts Can Help With Your Problem Gambling Recovery

The road to problem recovery looks different for everyone. How you get to the point where you recognize you need help, what type of help you seek, and the resources you use can vary wildly from one person to the next. Organized recovery meetings and therapy appointments can help put you on the right path, but what happens between sessions? How do people with a gambling problem continue to grow and learn in the face of a daunting recovery? 

Having readily available resources that you can consult can help put you into the right headspace to deal with your gambling compulsions, but some time constraints may work against you. Finding and interacting with similar stories to yours and answering real-world questions that recovering problem gamblers face daily can be an undeniable resource you need. One such resource that can potentially help you is the growing number of problem gambling podcasts. Here’s how podcasts can help with your problem gambling recovery:

Readily Available Episodes

Long-running podcasts can have a vast library of episodes covering various topics that matter to recovering problem gamblers. These issues can run the gamut from discussing shame and stigma, the pacing of recovery, and discussions about the nature of gambling. You can also hear episodes about people discussing their personal stories and how they overcame specific obstacles. In dark moments when temptation is close, having a resource like these can help you through a difficult time or answer a pertinent question more promptly. 

Diverse Resource

The nature of a podcast means hosts often cover a wide range of topics to appeal to current listeners and attract new ones. The issues they cover may be specific to a particular aspect of recovery or a part of problem gambling that you may not have considered before. These issues may not be easy to approach in a group therapy setting, but if your podcast of choice covers the topic, you have a resource that has addressed these questions in an engaging format and great detail. 

On-the-Go Listening

We all lead busy lives that can make attending regular meetings difficult. Instead of letting the support you need fall by the wayside, a gambling podcast allows you to address any lingering issues or questions on your own terms. 

Do you have a long morning commute that involves sitting in extended periods of traffic? Turn on an episode of your favorite gambling recovery podcast and learn something new. Or are you lounging around on a lazy afternoon with nothing good on TV? Switch over to a podcast while doing chores, and knock out two tasks in one go. 

Coping Mechanism

One of the biggest challenges for recovering gamblers is finding coping mechanisms that work for them. Every person is different and responds differently to stressors that used to lead to visiting a gambling site or a casino gambling trip. Listening to the right gambling podcast can quickly become your new coping mechanism for these stressors and help you stay on your path to recovery. 

Contact 800-GAMBLER for Help on Your Recovery Journey

If you have a gambling problem in Freehold, NJ, or the surrounding areas, finding resources to help your recovery journey doesn’t have to be daunting. 800-GAMBLER’s confidential 24/7 helpline is here to help you or a loved one connect with a professional and get the support they need. Pairing these resources with a respected problem gambling recovery podcast can help you stay on the road to recovery and help repair any frayed relationships with friends and family members. Contact us to learn where you can find a support meeting or more today.


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