How Can Support Groups Help Problem Gamblers?

Sometimes, what you need most during a difficult time in your life is a listening ear and someone ready to help you get through each day. That’s why support groups are so effective for those with substance misuse disorders or struggling with chronic medical conditions. But what if you have another problem that isn’t related to substances or medical issues, such as disordered gambling?

Widespread, established support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous can make an especially important difference for individuals struggling with problem gambling. While data specifically focusing on gambling support groups is relatively limited due to group confidentiality, many people have found that they’re one impactful way to come back from a gambling problem. 

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Are you thinking about searching for or attending a problem gambling support group? Keep reading to discover the many benefits of problem gambling support groups!

Support Groups Encourage Accountability

Good support groups build a culture of accountability, and accountability is a key part of overcoming many different kinds of detrimental behaviors. Many times, when you attend a support group, you’ll be partnered with a mentor or accountability buddy who regularly checks in with you to see how you have been doing. Other support groups hold regular alternative activities instead to keep you busy so that you don’t feel tempted to gamble. Whatever opportunities for accountability your group provides, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Support Groups Create Community

Support groups are an ideal space to build community because everyone there is seeking help for a similar problem. Support groups are the perfect space for you to vent the difficult feelings and emotions that you’re worried about telling anyone else because the people there truly understand.

While it’s important to tell your loved ones about your gambling problem, it can be painful to confess all the dirty details to your friends and family members as they ask a million questions. You can sometimes end up feeling judged, or worse, shunned by your loved ones, even if they have your best interests at heart. A support group is a perfect intermediary step to take before you start having those difficult conversations.

Support Groups Connect You to Resources

Another great reason to try a gambling support group is that most groups have a wealth of resources available for free or at a very low cost. These may include: 

  • Books, DVDs, and more for you to borrow
  • Locations of other gambling support groups in your community
  • Numbers for gambling helplines
  • Information about local mental health providers specializing in gambling problems

Support Groups Are Effective

One of the best parts of support groups is that they help you recognize your own patterns by seeing them in other people. It can be difficult to figure out what triggers your own urge to gamble until you see and hear about other people’s experiences. Because there are several people sharing their feelings, you can get closer to figuring out what might be happening in your specific situation. 

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