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How Can Changes in Atlantic City’s Casino Landscape Affect Disordered Gamblers?

Recently, Atlantic City has announced that the once famed casino city will be seeing some drastic changes in 2019. After seeing a dramatic decrease in popularity, the city has taken up the task of revitalizing its economy by introducing a number of changes to its gambling and casino landscape. From legalizing sports betting and rebranding boardwalk favorites, Atlantic City continues to present its own set of unique problems for people struggling with disordered gambling.

If you are recovering from a sports gambling problem (sometimes referred to as an addiction) in Atlantic City or anywhere else in New Jersey and would like to know how these new developments can affect your recovery process, please continue below to check out our infographic.

While Atlantic City’s casino landscape may change over time, the support and treatment options for disordered gamblers remains the same. If you or a loved one is struggling with a sports gambling problem in Vineland, NJ or anywhere else in New Jersey, please call 800-GAMBLER today.