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Gambling & Domestic Violence Survey Results

From June 3rd, 2016 – June 29, 2016, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of NJ, Inc. conducted a survey with the hopes of better understanding the correlation between gambling and domestic violence. Upon gathering the results from 100 anonymous responses, we were able to learn a lot about gambling addicts’ behaviors.



  • The methodology behind the study was to use 10 total questions.


      • Nine of the questions were quantitative, and one was qualitative.


  • Total Participant Responses Used – 100 (53 females and 47 males)


    • The youngest participant was age 17 (1 response)
    • 36% of respondents are ages 60+ (the largest age demographic to respond)
    • Ages 21-29 (11% of responses)
    • Ages 30-39 (16% of responses)
    • Ages 40-49 (14% of responses)
    • Ages 50-59 (23% of responses)


    • 30% indicated that they’ve gambled, their spouse/significant other gambled (or participated in gaming activities) more than one time per week.
    • 53% answered ‘Yes’ to somebody close to them (including themselves) have been a victim of some form of domestic violence or domestic abuse.
    • 25% stated that gambling has lead to an unhappy home life at at least one point of their lives.
    • 25% claimed to have used alcohol or drugs to cope with violence, abuse, or worry


  • 25% said that their significant other or spouse would become irritable, angry, or annoyed when discussing household finances.



Although 85% of respondents did not consider themselves (or their family members) to have a gambling disorder, it showed that many of them either experienced or knew somebody who does have an issue.


There is no percentage of domestic abuse that is acceptable. The next step involves spreading awareness, offering support, and providing resources for sufferers to seek help. There is hope.

The Council on Compulsive Gambling of NJ sheds light on truths about gambling and the many side effects that come along with it. Our website lists the days and times where individuals can attend NJ gamblers anonymous meetings, including gamblers anonymous meetings near Monmouth, NJ, Atlantic City, NJ, and all of the surrounding towns.


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