Does the Music at Casinos Make You More Inclined to Gamble?

Casinos are designed to keep people at the tables and slot machines for as long as possible. The atmosphere on the casino floor plays an integral part in keeping people at the tables, with everything from the wait staff, lighting, table arrangements, and more playing a role. But how much does the ambient music affect the player’s moods, and can it directly influence whether they stay at the tables? Does the music at casinos make you more inclined to gamble?

Examining the Relationship Between Music and Gambling

Music has a way of affecting people who listen to it in unique ways. Specific song styles can affect how people respond to the world around them; they can mellow or make them feel bold — different music affects people’s psyches differently. Casinos pay close attention to this and utilize different songs to help keep their players in a calm and relaxed mood — even if they’re experiencing a losing streak. 

Playing With the Tempo

Think back to the last time you were in a casino — what music was playing in the background? The music choices were deliberate selections that have been scientifically proven to make people more relaxed and in the right frame of mind to spend long periods in one location. Choosing the right music significantly effects how long people stay on the casino floor. 

A vital component of the music selection at casinos involves keeping the tempo of the music in mind. The casino staff carefully chooses every musical cue for its intended effects on the patrons. If they decide to use up-tempo music, players tend to make their bets faster, running through their money more quickly. Choosing something with a slower tempo can help players stay at the table longer, make more deliberate wagers, and spend more time on the casino floor. 

Specifically Chosen Musical Cues for Online Casinos

While online casinos don’t have the same advantages of creating a soothing atmosphere and ambiance, they can still slide in subtle cues to put you in the right frame of mind. These websites, apps, and games often include sound effects and musical cues that evoke the table experience usually found inside a casino, recreating the atmosphere of the casino floor from the comfort of your home. 

Incorporating cues like rolling dice, card shuffling, roulette spinning, and jackpot sounds help put users into a similar headspace as they had on the floor. 

Counteracting the Musical Cues

Simply because you’re on the casino floor doesn’t mean you have to listen to their music choices the entire time you’re there. Putting your headphones in and playing music you like with varying tempos and vibes can help counteract the intended soothing effects of the ambient noise. This works exceptionally well at home; you can mute the app to stop the cues or play your own music to drown out the intended cues. 

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