Could A.I. Help Reduce Problem Gambling in Casinos?

Data suggests that 5.8% of the world population has some form of problem gambling, no doubt worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a growing concern and one that many casinos, physical and virtual, believe can be solved by A.I. technology. But could A.I. help reduce problem gambling in casinos? And what is A.I. anyway? To learn more about how modern technology can curb this serious issue, let’s review A.I. and how it can mitigate problematic gambling.

A Quick Overview of A.I.

A.Il stands for artificial intelligence. As its name suggests, A.I. is the intelligence of machines and computers. They’re capable of undertaking daunting numerical tasks that would otherwise take humans much longer to complete. With machine learning, artificial intelligence can use algorithms to study and analyze a vast amount of data. Their efficiency allows them to scan complex data far more easily than traditional methods.

Because of A.I.’s proficiency in using patterns to predict future events and perform other useful tasks, it’s a valuable asset. In fact, A.I. has already become commonplace in our daily lives, from the recommendations on social media to the spam filters in your email. The effectiveness and convenience of this technology naturally leads to its integration into both online casinos and physical ones.

How Using A.I. to Reduce Problem Gambling Works

If you’re unfamiliar with artificial intelligence, you’re probably confused about how A.I. could help reduce problem gambling in casinos. However, it’s actually rather simple on the surface: it works by scanning data. A.I. can collect a large amount of data from player behavior and see patterns. This information ranges from how big their deposits were to their win and loss rates and even the duration and frequency of gambling sessions.

After gathering this valuable data, the A.I. can identify problem gambling behaviors and detect risky players. For example, certain factors, such as long sessions or large monetary deposits, can be potential indicators of problem gambling. Artificial intelligence can determine varying levels of compulsive behavior and alert gambling operators and casinos. From there, they can notify players of their unhealthy behavior and send them account statements.

Furthermore, A.I. could help reduce problem gambling in casinos without human intervention. In addition to flagging potential problem gamblers, they can impose limits on how much an individual can deposit to prevent them from going overboard or even log them out entirely. Artificial intelligence doesn’t just provide diagnostic services but preventative ones too. The predictive powers of A.I. systems can determine if an individual is developing problematic behaviors and identify them before they worsen.

Could A.I. Help Reduce Problem Gambling in Casinos? It’s Complicated.

Although A.I. could help reduce problem gambling in casinos, there’s no such thing as a cure-all. There are several potential issues preventing artificial intelligence from eliminating problematic gambling completely. For instance, the A.I. might create false positives by incorrectly flagging an individual who exhibits responsible gambling behaviors or missing a risky player. Gamblers who go to multiple casinos or use different services can evade detection as well.

Privacy concerns are also a problem. There are many regulations in the way that may prevent A.I. from collecting the information needed to identify problematic players. Not to mention, individuals may find it invasive if a casino reaches out to them about their gambling problems, even if it is for their own good.

If an A.I. detects compulsive behavior and does send a warning to a gambler, there’s no guarantee they will seek help. On top of that, problematic gamblers can still go to another casino or sports betting platform after they’re prohibited from entering or logging in. So, could A.I. help reduce problem gambling in casinos? Not directly, but their ability to scan and evaluate data still makes them an effective tool to identify and warn gamblers of problematic patterns.

Seek Help Today

While using A.I. to reduce problem gambling can help, it can’t overcome compulsive behaviors alone. Call 800-GAMBLER to find Gamblers Anonymous meetings and read our facts on gambling disorders.


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