Casinos, Composited: Is Augmented Reality the Future of Online Gambling?

glowing cards casino chips and dice hovering above smartphone

Ever since the first online gambling site launched in the late 1990s, online casinos have constantly been evolving with technology to continue drawing the attention and interest of players. They’ve added amazing graphics, animations, and sounds to mimic real-world experiences. And now, virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence are making their way into the scene.

Virtual casinos have already implemented elements of VR into their gaming experiences, and it’s only a matter of time before they use augmented reality (AR) technology. Let’s explore a little further what AR in casinos would look like.

How Virtual Reality Is Used in Casinos 

You may have noticed that some casinos are already using VR technology to give players a one-of-a-kind experience. Players can compete against others in a 3D environment where they can explore real-life casinos and play different games, such as blackjack or roulette. They can even communicate with other players visiting the virtual casino as if they were all together in one physical location. For this virtual experience, players need to purchase a VR headset and visit reputable gambling sites that offer VR games.

If an online casino has already integrated virtual reality elements into their site, it makes sense that they would then want to incorporate augmented reality features as soon as possible. A combination of VR and AR can create the ultimate experience for players, connecting them with like-minded people all over the world and allowing them to play their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes.

What Would AR Gambling Look Like?

Unlike virtual reality, AR technology does not require special headsets or goggles. All a person needs is their smartphone. Because of this, AR is much more accessible to a wider range of people, which is a huge incentive for casinos to incorporate AR tech into their operations.

With AR, the created digital world looks like the real world but has been enhanced and altered by digital elements (such as sensory stimuli) to create a unique experience. Many casinos are interested in adopting AR tech to keep their operations going, especially under circumstances like COVID-19. With augmented reality, they could use live dealers within their casinos but reach players within their own homes. The dealer would essentially be superimposed in the player’s environment. Eventually, with enough technological advancements, the players could also see each other and interact with the cards and chips as if they were there in real life. This type of technology could see an even bigger leap in the number of people gambling online.

Why Isn’t AR Gambling Possible Now?

While VR is making headway in the online gambling market, the adoption of augmented reality technology may still be a few years away. There’s still a matter of hardware that needs to be addressed. How best can casinos deliver their AR gaming experiences? Will players have an immersive experience using just their smartphones, or will they need equipment, such as a headset? Then, there’s the challenge of getting consumers to purchase new hardware. 

Since AR tech is still developing, casino operators have not fully explored creating augmented reality platforms. Once they decide AR is a worthwhile investment, it will take even more time to develop the software. Right now, it is a waiting game to see if AR will catch on in the gambling world.

Help Is One Call Away

As the technology for online gambling continues to grow, the easier it will be for people to play within their own homes. For people who have problems knowing when to quit, this form of online gambling can be especially challenging. We may see a rise in cases of disordered gambling.

If you or a loved one needs help for their problem gambling, we are here to offer support. We can connect you with resources and group meetings, such as Gamblers Anonymous in Hamilton, NJ, and beyond. Contact us today to start your path to recovery.


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