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Education Specialist


REPORTS TO:  Treatment & Prevention Administrator           EXEMPTION STATUS: Non-Exempt

SUPERVISES:     None                                                             DATE REVIEWED/APPROVED: 9/15/22                                         


  1. Assist Treatment & Prevention Administrator with implementing, coordinating, and managing prevention programs; conduct out-reach efforts in bringing awareness of resources available to the community via CCGNJ addressing risky behaviors among youth and other at-risk populations.
  2. Assist with media requests as directed by the Executive Director.
  3. Function as liaison to schools, community and other service agencies and state departments as required.
  4. Assist with applications for grants on adolescents, and at-risk populations.
  5. Assist with preparation of news releases and informational reports, as necessary.
  6. Assist when needed in answering helpline calls.
  7. Assist in development, promotion, and implementation of lesson plans on gambling awareness and risky behaviors in schools, including education and training of school personnel from K – 12 grades.
  8. Assist in preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports of the outreach/prevention efforts programs status.
  9. Assist in coordinating, organizing and/or presenting workshops, seminars and conferences relating to youth, and other at-risk populations regarding risky behavior and/or problem and compulsive gambling.
  10. Assists the Treatment & Prevention Administrator and Executive Director with other activities, as necessary.


  1. Strong written and oral communication skills and ability to communicate effectively with diverse populations.
  2. Powerful desire to carry the message of education, information, and awareness.
  3. Must have the ability to work alone and have self-starting initiative.
  4. Associate degree or High School diploma necessary; training shall be provided. Knowledge of Spanish desirable.

Interested person should forward a cover letter and resume to:

Alice L. Ostapiuk, HR/Office Manager
3635 Quakerbridge Rd, Ste 7
Hamilton, NJ  08619

Or email to

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