Can Gambling Site Blockers Help With a Gambling Problem?

When it comes to gambling in the 21st century, it often feels easier than ever to fall into bad habits. With phones, tablets, and laptops providing people with nearly unlimited access to a wide range of online casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling sites, it can feel almost impossible to escape its grasp without going entirely off the grid. However, for people that cannot afford to become completely disconnected from our always online and interconnected world, gambling site blocks could be the answer to their prayers. 

If someone with a gambling problem needs to still use phone or internet-connected device and avoid the allure of gambling sites, they have ways to ensure they avoid potential temptations. There are possible extensions that can prove helpful, but can gambling site blockers help with a gambling problem? We’ll discuss and share potential options that can benefit your recovery journey. 

The Evolution of Gambling Site Blockers

As online casinos and gambling sites have become more prevalent, people looking for respite from these relentless sites needed some help to keep them from visiting them. The beauty of web browsers and the internet in general, is that after a while, someone developed the software to make it happen. 

Gambling site blockers are pieces of software that, once installed, prevent you from accessing gambling sites. You download these extensions across your devices and ensure you’re protected against visiting these sites. 

Are Gambling Blockers Fool-Proof?

Unfortunately, these programs are not fool-proof. You can always uninstall or delete the program or find a website that can get around the blocks. These programs aren’t designed to be your only defense against problem gambling but another tool in your expanding arsenal. 

What Sites Can I Use?

Knowing which sites and extensions you can download and use quickly is vitally important for your ongoing recovery journey. There are plenty of options on the market, but finding one that makes the most sense for your needs and is easy to use and set up, along with any potential limitations, is critical. Here are some of the most popular and proven options. 


This free program can be downloaded across all the major operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linus, Fire OS, and Huawei. You can download it for free across any number of devices, and there’s no limit on how many times you can get it. Once installed, you can set the Gambling Self-Restriction period from anywhere between 24 hours and five years. Once you select a number, you’ll be unable to remove the program until the time has elapsed. 


While not explicitly designed for gambling sites, NetNanny can still prove effective in preventing you from accessing gambling sites. This generic site blocker and monitoring service can prevent you from accessing many sites. With a five-device pass that covers Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Fire OS, the program costs $79.99 for the year, while a 20-device pass is $129.99. Have someone you trust set the primary password so you won’t have the urge to change and succumb to temptation. 

Get the Help You Need for a Gambling Problem in Freehold, NJ, Thanks to 800-GAMBLER

While gambling site blockers are an excellent first step on your road to problem gambling recovery, it’s often not enough on their own. To find a lasting solution for your gambling problem, you need to take a broader approach to your treatment and recovery process. Finding programs and support that can work with your specific situation will ensure you’re in the best position to succeed. 800-GAMBLER can provide help for recovering problem gamblers

We provide a wide range of resources for recovering problem gamblers, including our completely confidential 24/7 helpline whenever you need someone to talk to about your issues. Contact our team to learn more about the available resources and how gambling site blockers can help today!


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