All About the Stress of Addiction

Stress can be the cause and result of addiction:

  • An alcoholic can head to the local tavern to help take the edge off.
  • A problematic gambler can Uber to the casino to cope with relationship woes.
  • Regular narcotics users may take drugs to get through the work day.
  • Sex addicts might seek a bedroom partner to boost their confidence.


Even if your brain knows it’s a bad idea, it doesn’t matter. We often disobey our instincts to seek peace or resolution without contemplating the consequences. While binging on a substance or destructive behavior can seem therapeutic at first, is usually is just an attempt to numb stress, pain or anxiety. It may seem like a bright idea at the time, however using addictions as crutches often just brush the real-world problems beneath the rug instead of addressing the underlying issues and their causes head on.


We see this time and time again with gambling addictions. To cope with marital problems, career conflict, or pretty much any other sources of stress, people of all shapes, sizes, ages and colors turn to betting to escape from things. While many bettors justify that they are simply participating in “skill-based gambling” in Atlantic City, the fact remains that in the long-haul, the house (casino) usually wins.


If you need to unwind, we recommend finding a beneficial hobby or activity such as cooking, working out or anything constructive that you enjoy doing. Why? Well, while people use addictions as a coping mechanism, they also can exponentially increase the stress in their lives.


Just imagine this: It’s Monday, and you had a rough day at the office or a literal “case of the Mondays.” You get home, and all you can think about is that thing your boss said to you or that deadline that is approaching. “I know what will help me relax,” you think. “The football game is on tonight, and I am going to wager a few hundred bucks to make things interesting. That’ll be fun!”


Fast forward seven days. Your lost bet caused you to chase your debt in an attempt to break even, but that led to an additional $1,800 in losses. Not only do you still have the deadline approaching and your boss hounding you, but you have rent due and no way to pay it.


Your goal: To reduce stress.

The outcome: Increased stress.

Will the cycle repeat?…


The bottom line: It’s not worth it. As Neva Pryor of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of NJ says, “It’s never too late to seek help. We have a dedicated team that is available twenty-four hours a day who are specialists in everything from illegal sports betting around Atlantic City to adolescent gaming addictions and senior citizen gambling.”
To learn more, call 1-800-GAMBLER today. A helping hand is waiting – all you have to do is accept it.


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