Action vs. Escape Gamblers: A Look Into the Subtypes of Problem Gambling

If you find yourself heading to the casino too often or opening up your mobile app more times than you can count, you may have developed an unhealthy gambling problem. However, not everyone develops problem gambling in the same ways. Gamblers gamble for a variety of different psychological reasons, with two of the common types of gamblers being action gamblers and escape gamblers. If you want to determine what kind of gambler you or a loved one is, here are three key differences between them.

Action and Escape Gambler Problems Begin in Different Ways

A critical difference between an escape gambler and an action gambler is how their gambling problem emerged. If you managed to make it big one day while betting on racehorses, you might want to relive the thrill of coming out on top. This drive will cause action gamblers to continuously seek out victories in an attempt to win big again, causing them to lose lots of money along the way.

Meanwhile, many escape gamblers begin gambling as they see it as a means of escapism from trauma or depression in their life. They resort to slot machines to help deal with emotional and physical pain, as well as loneliness or boredom. Unlike action gamblers, escape gamblers develop their gambling problems in an attempt to relieve their pain.

The Kinds of Games They Play Differ

The types of games that action and escape gamblers play also differ significantly from one another. Action gamblers may view themselves as professional gamblers who can overcome chance. Because of this drive to win, they seek out social games with defined winners, like poker. Additionally, their belief that their experience will allow them to win games of chance makes them seek out more skill-based games, such as sports betting or card games.

If you’re gambling for escape, then chances are you’re more invested in luck-based games. With luck-centric games like slot machines, there’s no decision-making on your part. Further, escape gamblers are prone to partaking in online and digital gambling services such as video poker. That way, they won’t have to leave the comforting confines of their home to satisfy their problematic gambling behavior.

Recovery Methods Can Vary

Regardless of what variation of gambling problems you have, it is possible to seek help and recover. Consulting gambling support for families is vital no matter what kind of gambling problem you or a loved one has, as getting input from a professional can be incredibly beneficial. However, the methods taken to recovery might vary depending on whether the individual in question is an action or escape gambler. For instance, those who seek out at-home gambling can download a phone app that blocks gambling sites — a type of self-exclusion. Contacting one of our experts will help you find what healing options are suitable for whichever type of gambling problem you need to address.

If you or someone you know needs help overcoming problem gambling, turn to 800-GAMBLER for vital support.



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