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Problem Gambling Awareness Month Webinars

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM). During the March observance of PGAM, the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey is presenting five webinars, which are listed below with a brief description along with a registration link (registration is required). One CEU credit will be awarded for each webinar. To receive the CEU, attendees must take a brief pre- and post-webinar quiz.

March 3:  Personality and its Relationship to Addiction

DESCRIPTION: This webinar will explore personality features that have long been associated with addictions. Abundant research has shown that certain personality traits increase susceptibility to addiction, while others are protective against its development.

Zoom Registration Link:

March 10:  Reclaiming the Brain Presentation

DESCRIPTION: This webinar will provide  a fun and interactive evidence-based training designed to help participants with an advanced understanding of the neurobiology of addiction.  This training is designed to empower persons with addictions of all kinds by clearly explaining the structures and functions of the “hijacked” brain and offering recovery solutions that have been proven by science to reclaim it.

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 March 17: Panel Discussion Problem GamblingRecovery

DESCRIPTION: This panel will explore aspects of gambling addiction and recovery. CCGNJ staff will be joined by four individuals in recovery from problem gambling.

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March 24   Transition and Proliferation of Gambling from a Technological and Cultural Availability Standpoint – 1978 to Present

DESCRIPTION:  This webinar will trace the roots and growth of Gambling in New Jersey from the passage of the New Jersey Casino Control Act of 1977 that designated Atlantic City as a gambling resort to the current state of business where every citizen has access to over 25 casinos on their smartphone. 

Zoom Registration Link:

March 31:  In Plain Sight- Uncovering the Warning Signs and Signals of a Hidden Addiction

DESCRIPTION: The webinar will discuss why problem gamblers can often be “in plain sight” and yet go unnoticed or unrecognized. This is because gambling addiction can be a hidden or “silent” condition, with individuals often hiding their behavior and its effects from friends, family, and co-workers.

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