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What Legal Sports Betting Nationwide Could Mean for Disordered Gamblers

At the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey (CCGNJ), we pay close attention to developments that affect how, when, and where America gambles. At the moment, the country may be in a position to make some monumental choices concerning legalized sports betting across the country. New legislation concerning this form of gambling could have […]

March Madness by the Numbers

For everyone from office workers in Monmouth to seniors in Atlantic City, gambling on March Madness is an annual tradition. Learn more about the betting phenomenon surrounding the yearly NCAA college basketball tournament below. For help with problem gambling and alcohol use disorder (also called “alcohol addiction”) in Freehold and elsewhere in New Jersey, contact […]

The Impact of Disordered Gambling on Communities

When someone struggles with a gambling problem in Monmouth, NJ, or anywhere else in the country, it impacts the entire community. Read our infographic below to learn more about the social impacts of disordered gambling. The Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey helps Monmouth, NJ, and other communities in the state by offering access […]

March Madness: How to Participate Responsibly

On March 13th, 68 collegiate basketball teams will compete for the NCAA championship. Throngs of basketball fans across the country will participate in March Madness by joining betting pools and filling out brackets. Collectively, they will wager billions of dollars on the outcome of each game in the tournament. Last year, the American Gaming Association […]