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Disordered Gambling’s Relationship to Mental Health

Over the course of history, our understanding of mental health disorders has evolved greatly. Because psychological and neurological disorders are “invisible” by nature, their study and treatment present unique challenges. Thankfully, the medical field makes significant advances every day. In recent years, influential studies have indicated that many mental health disorders have a much stronger […]

Dr. Marc Potenza: Pioneer of Gambling Treatment’s New Frontier

For our 35th Annual Statewide Conference last month, we commenced the event with keynote speaker Dr. Marc Potenza. During his talk, he spoke of his research, which studies the similarities and differences between disordered substance use and problem gambling. This line of research served as a fitting introduction for our conference per its theme: “The […]

Trick, or Treat? Self-Deceptions and Revelations of Disordered Gamblers

Every October 31st, countless kids dress up as their favorite heroes and monsters to go trick-or-treating. Practically everyone can conjure fond memories of their own Halloween exploits. Often, somewhere in the process of donning a costume, a certain catharsis takes place. By imitating people and characters we idolize, we feel that we come a little […]