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Are Mystery Boxes a New Form of Gambling?

When a person is first introduced to a mystery box, they may assume they are just playing an innocent game. However, like many games of chance, the link between mystery boxes and gambling may not be so obvious. While people can easily identify other gambling activities such as the lottery, poker, or sports betting in […]

What Is In-Game Sports Betting?

In the first year of legal sports betting, America’s professional sports leagues have been quick to embrace the industry. The NBA became the first major sports league to sign a sports-betting partnership, a deal that includes real-time data for in-play betting opportunities. And, after the NHL announced its partnership with MGM Grand which includes giving […]

The Unintended Impact of Gifting Lottery Tickets to Kids

As the holidays approach, you may be considering scratch-offs or other lottery tickets as stocking-stuffers for children. While these are common gifts in America and they might seem innocent and fun, giving lottery tickets to kids can have serious unintended consequences. In this post, we’ll discuss the negative impact that gifting lottery tickets to your […]