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The Top Problem Gambling Recovery Books

When gambling becomes more than just a fun pastime, it can wreak havoc on your finances and relationships. If you feel like your urge to gamble has gotten out of hand and are ready to stop gambling, you may find it beneficial to read gambling recovery books from licensed professionals and people who have gone […]

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Does Gambling Withdrawal Have Physical Symptoms?

When you hear the word “withdrawal,” you immediately associate it with drugs or alcohol. Withdrawal represents the vital first step in the recovery process, flushing the toxins from your system so your body can return to its prior equilibrium. During this experience, people showcase a series of physical signs and symptoms that their body is […]

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Is It a Gambling “Problem” if You Keep Winning?

Problem gambling can ruin your life. But is your gambling disorder still a problem if you always seem to come out on top? Even if you’re a “winning” gambler, the simple reality is that pathological gambling is always pathological, no matter how much money you win — and plus, you’re probably not even really making […]


Is Bingo a Form of Gambling?

Legally, bingo has been given the classification of gambling. However, this does not mean playing bingo in social settings is illegal. In fact, whether bingo is considered permissible depends on the specific state laws. In most cases, a game of bingo in a social setting is legal, but in certain states, online bingo games are […]