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Understanding the Phases of Disordered Gambling

During his studies of disordered gambling, Dr. Robert Custer developed a model for how the condition progresses. Prior to Dr. Custer’s research, the medical community did not view disordered gambling as a condition on the level of severity as other behavioral disorders, like substance use disorders. Thanks to Dr. Custer’s research, the three phases of […]

4 Ways to Stay on Track in 2019

With activities like sports betting in Meadowlands, NJ becoming very popular for New Jersey residents, it is vital that those struggling with disordered gambling to have coping strategies in place. The graphic below highlights four ways disordered gamblers can stay on the track to recovery in 2019.

How Families Can Spot a Gambling Disorder

One of the reasons gambling disorders can have such a drastic impact on a person’s life is how difficult it is to detect the problem. There are few visible warning signs that indicate a gambling disorder, and the most common indicators like time away from home and lack of money can be played off with […]