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gamblers anonymous meeting

What Happens When You Go to Gamblers Anonymous?

Problem gambling, which is when individuals spend large quantities of their income on games of chance like slots or horse racing, can be highly detrimental to both their quality of life and the well-being of those around them. This problem can take numerous forms for a multitude of reasons and is often challenging to address […]

woman wearing headset

What Happens When Someone Calls a Gambling Helpline?

If you’re struggling with a gambling problem, you may have considered calling a gambling helpline. But before your fingers could start tapping the right keys, your doubts began to sink in. Who will be on the other end of your call? What kind of questions will they ask? Will you have to give your name? 

problem gambling therapy group

How Do I Become a Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor?

Problem gambling disorders are highly damaging mental health problems that cost gamblers more than just their paycheck. The psychological effects of gambling problems can carry over into their personal lives, reduce their work performance, and threaten their relationships with friends and family members. Thankfully, there are experts available to provide clinical treatment and therapy so […]

magnifying glass in front of brain with the words gambling problem printed on it

Is Gambling a Mental Illness?

Gambling too much will do more than harm you financially. Problem gambling behavior can lead to relationship issues with family and friends, decreased workplace performance, and reduced overall health. However, gambling problems may not entirely be caused by an individual’s lack of willpower or self-restraint, but another factor entirely. There are many psychological conditions that […]