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How to Maintain Your Mental Health During the Pandemic

Millions of people in all corners of the globe have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to slow the spread of the virus, many local governments are telling citizens to practice “social distancing” and to stay at home as much as possible. Many businesses have been ordered to close their doors in […]

Understanding Self-Exclusion in the Digital Age

In the context of gambling, Self-Exclusion is exactly what it sounds like — it’s a way for people to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling. In the State of New Jersey, you can voluntarily exclude yourself from all gambling activities, including both online and in-person casinos, or you can self-exclude from strictly online gambling sites. But […]

The Normalization of College Gambling

Within the last year, 75 percent of American college students participated in some form of gambling. Now, the vast majority of those students most likely gambled responsibly. But did you know that roughly six percent of college students are dealing with a serious gambling problem? Compared to the general population, American college students are at […]

Is 2020 the Year Video Games Take Over Real-Life Casinos?

In an effort to appeal to younger gamblers, many brick-and-mortar casinos are considering adding skill-based video games, including classics like Asteroids and Missile Command, to their casino floors. Many casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have already begun testing skill-based video game gambling. The arcade games in question are supposedly unchanged from their original form, […]

Everything You Need to Know About National Problem Gambling Awareness Month

What Is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month? National Problem Gambling Awareness Month is a grassroots public awareness campaign that seeks to inform both healthcare professionals and the general public about the risks and warning signs of problem gambling. The month-long campaign is held annually during the NCAA March Madness tournaments by design — in 2019, […]